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Poem for Peter and Paul



The Nero-Aristocracy and the use of Narrative vs Truth

Sadly it seems most politicians (especially Democrats in Washington, D.C. and "Blue" states) today are seeking to become a “Nero-Aristocracy”… (yes I meant Nero).  They don’t seek to govern but to rule, to declare themselves our “owners” not our public servants.  Many citizens seek to avoid politics and related debates/discussions... but now see our liberty and prosperity being bled away! Lots of previously uninterested are now forced to get involved (such was the origin of Tea Party groups).  Both parties are in this pursuit of more and more control of our very lives, but the Democrats with media in tow, are far better at it. Using their corporate media allies (yes “progressives” the media are EVIL corporations too), any challenge is fiercely attacked and demonized (like Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Ted Cruz and now even RINO Chris Christie). For our Nero-Aristocracy rulers know that to maintain their quasi-“royalty” status, we common folk must be kept roiled, divided, at odds with each other and most importantly ignorant (oh..."public" education)!  So any and all divisions, be they by ethnic, sex or class shall be exploited to the max… as “narrative” has replaced truth (truth especially God’s Truth is NOT welcome… ask Phil Robertson).

For as mentioned before we now live now not in truth but in the liberal narrative… “war on women”,  “conservatives hate poor people”, “corporate corruption is why we have inequality”, bla,bla,bla! Sadly, with (mega-rich 1%) media/Hollywood in their corner (the masters of narrative and storytelling),  they “head-fake” away from truth and towards the (ends justifies the means) narrative (keep you mad and not thinking).  When liberal narrative collides with truth (especially God’s Truth)… it is Truth that must yield! 

So sad, President Obama entered office with goodwill and promise, even among those of us who did not vote for him (he won 53% in 2008, but his first approval ratings were well over 60%). The tragedy is he/Democrats/(misnamed)"progressives" chose not to LEAD but to PUSH!  To try and herd 300+ million diverse Americans into the same old top-down failed socialist model that (study history) benefits only the political class (aka: Nero-Aristocracy) and the dreaded 1% he/they claim to despise (wink, wink... even now the ‘hated 1%” are doing quite well under Obama... increasing the "income gap"). The promises to the ordinary folks are shattered in the phrases like “If you like it, you can keep it…period”.  Now more and more know such was NEVER the case… starting with the website crash, continued dreadful economy and myriad of other scandals confidence is eroding quickly! 

More and more of us "common folk" feel we are not the beneficiaries of benevolent government, but under siege in our liberty and prosperity (NSA, IRS listens)!  Now President Obama's approval sits around 39%, maybe only the true believers remain?  But as the 2014 mid-terms approach, Obama's corporate 1% allies (media/Hollywood)… will double down on the “narrative”… a policy of “when your lies don’t work,  LIE harder and louder!”…  as Americans we are now far past the point of “fool me twice, shame on me”. God bless!  Happy (remember why we call it) 2014.



A Totalitarian's Dream! Anthropogenic Global Warming… aka: Climate change (in cold winters). It’s only ironclad among the true believers.

Last spring an Oklahoma tornado had the usual suspects back blaming Anthropogenic (human caused) Global Warming… aka: Climate change (AGW-CC). Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island took to the Senate floor moments after the news to of course blame republicans and all liberty loving folks for the disaster! If one researches even a bit, one will discover the "ironclad evidence" for AGW/CC is only ironclad among the true believers (media among them). We hear "consensus" a lot as to 97% "scientists" agree to AGW/CC.  "Consensus is a political term NOT a scientific one!  Science is based on facts and truth... which in science always trumps 'consensus' (the late Michael Crichton -paraphrased)
We often hear/read 97% of the worlds climate scientists believe in human caused climate change... Where the hell does that number come from?  I heard it also stated 97% of “reputable” scientists… loaded word of course, 'cause if you disagree with the party line, you CAN’T be “reputable”. Turns out that it was only 79 of 'em in a self-selected survey.  76 of the 79 agreed with AGW-CC, thus the 97% number (propaganda anyone?).
What's odd (really not) is that this "crisis" like all others can only be "solved" by imposition of a socialist/fascist top-down dictatorship. Most of those loyal to the Left political spectrum seem willing to surrender their liberty, prosperity and maybe even their souls (and that of future generations) to such a dictatorship! Overlords who will ration and control ALL aspects of your soon to be grim life! (for what maybe is a WRONG concept!).   No one can escape from this tyranny because they might violate the “cure” for AGW/CC.  Living one's life of course, puts the Earth at "risk".  We humans are the enemy... what is done to enemies? 
Earth will essentially become a giant plantation (not unlike the Old South)… and a caste system!  Our autocratic rulers will dwell in the "Mansion of the Hill", us “lowers” in the real mud huts. Maybe we’ll get a coupla hours of electricity a day, or maybe only a week.  All energy, food, medicine and resources will be rationed from the top down (the ULTIMATE “trickle down"!).  There also must be total control of your reproductive system (yep, they're in your bedroom!) as “unauthorized” births must NOT occur. Periodic culling of "non-productive" humans (who decides that... death panels?) will be "executed" to prevent overpopulation... beginning with the sick, the old and possibly those who hold counter-political, moral and religious views to those who rule (aka: Masters/Owners).  This “utopia” will be HELL on Earth for most of the population... but Earth will be "saved"! ... sounds like right outta the Book of Revelation!   I prefer to take my chances with liberty and the possibility that maybe God is in control.  

There are other scientific studies on the subject... all vigorously suppressed by the media, governments and the "true believers ":  More at links below...
Missing Heat of the Oceans



It's all just showbiz...



Obamacare Exchanges... how it's working out.


Debt limit? What debt limit???



The Thunderdome/ancient Rome political conflict resolution model

We know those who make their BigBux from Fed government... see the shutdown as disaster/Armageddon cubed! We common folk notso much. Such is why politicos and media seek to ferment panic and fear! All over media there's "we all gonna die" end of the world scenarios 24/7!  All the GOP’s fault of course!

The Thunderdome/ancient Rome political conflict resolution model: Quarreling politicians (you know they often accuse each other of wanting to kill children and old folks), will be clad in loin cloths, given swords and placed in the arena... for mortal (= to the death) gladiator combat. What a reality show!!! Ratings in the stratosphere and a whole new twist on the idea of "term limits"! I can see it now Michelle Bachmann vs Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid vs Ted Cruz (Winner gets an Obamacare waiver as they seem HIGHLY PRIZED!).
Top card bout in PRIME TIME!... Obama vs Sarah!  Pay per view of course with proceeds to the national debt ($17 trill and counting!)... gridlock no more! In the event no mortal blow is delivered in the fight and the victorious pol stands over their vanquished foe... they can look into the coliseum where the "death panel" scoreboard is located.. there the count will be revealed, a tally of votes of 900 pay call/text numbers (yep even more revenue), where the people can call in and be the "death panels".  After fifteen minutes the votes are counted and posted on the jumbotron… and the fate of the defeated determined! Thumbs UP or DOWN.  
Gotta be better than what we have now!



Obamacare... the Anti-Health plan.



Obama's Gestapo?

The news of the day is chilling!  Many now fear President Obama has turned the IRS (and maybe the EPA, and other agencies) into his own personal Gestapo!  Using the IRS and other powerful regulatory agencies in such a way destroys any semblance or confidence of “equal protection” and makes government (formally “of the people”) into a lawless Chicago style “protection racket”.  Dare not oppose and think “correctly” or they hurt you.  How can liberty survive such corruption? Not only from our leaders… but worse from those who vote for and support such corruption.  It is not only unconstitutional, it is ANTI-Constitutional!



Stairways to Heaven...

Today even in the church, we are seeing a modern day “Tower of Babel” emerge… people judge God (not the other way around) and decide they don't like or need His Word and seek to build their own “stairways to heaven” (aka: Babel). Confusion was the result then, and it also is now! Ole Serpent LOVES confusion, as he seeks to divide God’s people especially with favorite words like “fairness”, “equality” and “choice”. As Christians we have NO other authority but Scripture… if we stand upon the Truth of the Holy Bible, confusion will quickly flee!

If God is God and Truth is Truth… it is max arrogance that we mere humans can change Almighty God’s definition of anything. Just a century and a half ago the SCOTUS ruled some humans were not human, they were property (Dredd Scott)… didn’t make it true then and the SCOTUS or anyone else won’t make not-marriage “marriage” now.

For the many churches and folks these days in turmoil and controversy on a myriad of issues… consider:

1 Corinthians 14:33: “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.”

To avoid confusion: Psalm 105:4: Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.

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