Demand your Right to be a Victim... new service offered!

From the “If ya can’t beat ‘em... join ‘em” department: I hereby offer a new business idea... Immavictim.com. For a small fee we will research your ethnic past and come up with some “discrimination”, “oppression” and/or “disrespect” that you and/or your ancestors musta endured somewhere, somehow! So you too can claim victim status. Victim status is all the rage these days… great for excusing personal failures and (what used to be called) “responsibility”. No one wants that anymore. Free two-day shipping!

I recently researched myself… I was born left-handed, as a result I was not even allowed to try out for third-baseman on my little league team (back in the insensitive days)! In college there were no left-handed desks in my classes, so I had to write all crossed over and stuff... I am scarred for life! No accommodations were made for my left-handedness! So traumatized was I that it took TWO semesters added together to get my GPA to 4.0! I demand reparations for my suffering!!!



State of Jefferson per Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution

Four times in our history counties seceded from an existing state to form a new state... most notably the western counties of Virginia, loyal to the Union seceding from Virginia and becoming West Virginia in 1863. 

In Reynolds v. Sims (1964): The dictatorial Earl Warren court destroyed the republic model by declaring the U.S. Constitution "unconstitutional" for the states, the single greatest grab of federal power since the 16th and 17th Amendments! This “fatwa” was not just an unconstitutional usurp of state rights, but was anti-constitutional... the so-called "one man one vote" model (direct contradiction of Article IV, Section 4 guarantee of a "republican form of government" for states).  The Court hijacked the republic and the cowardly politicians allowed them do it. It may take a constitutional convention to remedy this coup... but president Trump, an equal defender of the Constitution could by executive orders, begin to set-aside these court cases and others that are also anti-constitutional (like Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges “gay” marriage ruling). Such actions by President Trump would create a nuclear fire storm of course, but it would call out the politicians to do their constitutional duty.  And since the media/liberals/RINOs melt-down at anything Trump does, what would he have to lose? 
The #RustyIrony of "Calexit" is the Lefties desire to secede from the U.S.A. could "start the engine" of "red" counties then seceding from California... and maybe those of Oregon and maybe even Washington following. There are enough "red" counties in each of those states to form a contiguous state border for the state of Jefferson. 

In California, Oregon, Washington and most "blue" states a single urban area had a larger margin of victory for Hillary in 2016, and Obama in 2008 and 2012, than they won the state by at large. This is truly governing and "taxation without representation".  



If our political/media class doesn’t care about all the world crises… should we?

"They're ALL talk and no action" - Donald J. Trump.

"They're ALL talk and no action" - Donald J. Trump.
I sadly now think know the truth and reality… the "swamp" that is now Washington. D.C. (and most western "leaders") really don’t give a DAMN about terrorism, illegal immigration, open borders, healthcare reform, national sovereignty, the debt, Iran nuclear deal, North Korea missiles, the deficit, jobs, student loans, Wall Street "bubbles", invasion by a hostile culture, or any other real issue affecting we "peasants" in flyover country. The big "crisis" is that their plans to coronate Hillary Clinton and keep the good life tax-payer "gravy train" flowing was derailed when they believed their polls (90% Hillary wins) got careless, forgot and allowed ordinary citizens to vote.

So now it’s "Russia, Russia, Russia" wall-to-wall 24/7 (evidence be damned!) as they desperately seek to "correct" the YUGE "mistake" of last November 8th. President Trump an odd choice for sure... but he prevailed, scares them much more with his truth (MAGA) than his "lies" and by the reaction of the "Swamp" reptiles (media, DemWits and Reprobates, most world billionaires, Hollywood and "the beautiful people")... President Trump’s the "crisis" NOT ANY of the troubles mentioned above!

In the unfortunate event they succeed in his ouster... they are now exposed for what they are... concerned only with their personal empires and "issues" like "Gay marriage", abortion always, transgender bathrooms and boys playing girls sports, destroying Confederate monuments, and "not rushing to judgement" on the latest Jihadi massacre… we "peasants" can "eat cake" I guess.



As the dead and maimed pile up (again), the Media/Liberal/Leftist reality denial machine ramps up (again)!

WARNING! RedneckoBlogger opines! 

The Real Threats and Blame vs The Liberal Abstract Threats and Blame

Media and Liberal/Leftists are in apoplexy at President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate pact (just the latest in their constant hysteria and perpetual outrage). This shows those of us who actually use our brains, that our "progressive betters" do indeed occupy an alternate universe from real working folks… President Trump’s strongest base!  Liberals ALWAYS proclaim and sell fear of the ABSTRACT (global warming), while NEVER recognizing and often denying the fear of the REAL (terror). If you fear the real threat of an ISIS nut yelling “Allahu Akbar” while shooting down gays or driving a truck through a crowd, or otherwise slicing and dicing the "infidel" you’re a “hateful bigot”!  If you fear an attack by an illegal immigrant felon on his 10th return from deportation, you’re a “hater” and "racist".  BUT… If you fear the abstract nonsense that Donald Trump will put you in a concentration camp or we're going back to lynching, child labor, back alley abortions and segregation… then you’re a Liberal!!!  Perpetual hysteria at disasters long promised but yet to happen (no ice at the poles… rising sea levels drowning cities, etc) is their constant tired worn out old creed... delivered in robotic rehearsed almost zombie like "talking-point" tones of panic by long-faced talking heads!  Creative ideas to actually help the middle class are dismissed as “unworkable” and denial of real threats of crime and terror have become their insanity PeeCee norm. It has been observed "Progress is NOT possible with 'progressives' in charge!!!"

Trump has pointed out the crime, unemployment, drugs and despair of longtime Democrat machine run heavy “gun control” inner cities.  That they are poverty and gang ridden free fire zones, who's people (mostly minorities) liberals (especially white liberals) seem to care little about (other than the votes)!   Liberals also BLAME only in the abstract (“it was a video”, “it was the gun”)… NEVER the actual perpetrator! (He/she/it might be a Democrat voter!)… so it’s always the gun to blame, the NRA (abstract) never the owner of the finger that pulls the trigger (real)!

This abstract mindset allows mega-rich, mega-privileged Liberal/Leftists to fly around the world in luxury private jets that burn more fuel and create more CO2 in an hour that your SUV in years… all the while arrogantly complaining about “fossil fuels” and attending “Global Warming” summits at expensive and exclusive resorts (using lotsa precious water to keep them green... that us average folks could NEVER afford)!  I must ask… why should I fear this “Climate Change” if by their actions, mega-rich Liberal/Leftists clearly do not seem worried enough to change THEIR lifestyles?.. (All the while lecturing us  on our use of evil "fossil fuels"). 

Trump won because he represents the “forgotten”… those of us our liberal “betters” want to dismiss as “bigots”, "racists" and forget! But the reality of the liberal insular Pollyanna world is broken daily by REAL dangers and events (London terror being only the latest)! Yet each time... their scab of denial of the REAL in favor of the ABSTRACT only becomes thicker with each of these grim realities!

They complain President Trump gave his "middle finger" to the Earth, but the "enlightened progressives" in the walled neighborhoods and self-righteous Ivory Towers give us "ordinary" folks, the "middle finger" every damn day, and at every opportunity! 



Had Hillary only been elected (sigh): The Perfect “Progressive” World of “Fairness” and “Equality”…

“From each according to their ability” (you DON’T OWN what you produce)… “Too each according to their needs” (you DON’T get to decide that. Your “needs” and that of your family is done at the Government “Central Needs Determination Office”)…

Mid-year 2017 (and thereafter): In President Hillary's perfect "progressive" world, and with Global Warming (Climate Change on cold days) "crisis" looming (it gonna happen any day now, PROMISE!)... quick action to “save” the planet has been instituted in her first 100 days. As we all want to help “solve” this “crisis” (only world socialism will work!!!), we now are required by law to use monthly ration coupons (after we wait in line for several hours to get them at the Government Central Allocations Office). ALL aspects of daily life are now licensed, permitted, regulated, rationed and most important taxed! (lest we damage the planet!).

After waiting in line at the Central Allocations Office to receive our ration coupons, we get to wait in a long line again at one of the Government Distribution Centers… there we must present the appropriate coupon for our “fair share” (sure hope some is available!) of food, fuel, medicine, our monthly ration of toilet paper and other essentials as well as our monthly allocation of internet access, most required to be used to read "Dear Leader" Hillary's comments at government approved websites.

Historical Note: the 2nd Amendment is still in the Constitution… but in President Hillary's first 100 days in office she signed an executive order nationalizing all gun/ammo manufacturers (upheld by SCOTUS 5-4, with newly appointed Justice Bernie Sanders casting the deciding vote), you must now register all firearms, pay a fee, high liability insurance and then apply for your “ammo permit and ration”… which after paying the fee, has a 10 year “waiting period”… and applications have a tendency to “get lost”, then you must re-apply and re-pay… go figure.

A day in the life: After returning with your meager rations to your government approved housing (800 square feet for a family of four)… you receive a call from the MisAllocation of Resources Department… a “friendly” (but stern) voice informs you that your family exceeded its rationed number of toilet flushes for the month… which is 50 flushes, but the government required sensor in the bathroom detected 62. You explain that a stomach bug infected the family, necessitating the additional flushes. The “friendly” (but stern) voice is understanding that "such things happen", and politely explains your options: you can agree to cut flushes by three for the next four months… or you can pay the fine and/or do the required community service for exceeding your allocations.

You have a family event coming up and want to plan a party… so you use a few of your internet access hours to seek a party permit allowing additional food, drink and toilet flushes. After filling out the online from with “proper justification” a small fee is charged…your party is in two weeks, hopefully the permit will be issued by then, and food will be available. Also, while on the website, you fill another application to get a vacation license for next year and get on the waiting list (currently six months) for accommodations at the beach… you hope a room will be available before your scheduled dates… a small fee is charged. sadly, your momma, still full of life and vigor gets seriously ill and due to her age (80) she is no longer receiving healthcare coupons for medicine and hospital time (there’s critical shortage of doctors as most have left practice or the country)… but the “merciful” District Medicine Czar does offer her a “pill”. President Hillary's perfect world… Socialist Utopia… where all though miserable... it's “fair” and “equal” and the Earth is saved.

Notes and observations: “Dear Leaders” are exempt from the rules outlined above… “all animals are equal, but (socialist) pigs are more equal”.

Milton Friedman once observed… “an ant hill and/or bee hive is the perfect socialist society. The survival of the nest is prime; the individual (even the queen) lives totally for the benefit of the whole… and all ‘citizens’ of the nest are expendable”. In spite of dozens of failed attempts it just doesn’t work well for humans. We humans are individuals… and seek our own freedom and prosperity. For socialism to “work’ there can be NO individuality, not even among the leaders (the “Catch 22” of the matter IMHO). Sadly there’s just not enough totally selfless “Mother Teresas” to go around… those willing (like ants/bees) to labor and produce society’s necessary goods and services for little or no compensation (other than the subsistence rations, which all “share”)! The “fine print”: Mother Teresa’s selflessness was rooted in a deep faith in Christ… which is generally NOT welcome in socialist thinking. ALL loyalty must be to the "Collective" (STATE) with “no other gods before it”! The (Judeo) Christian’s first loyalty is to God and His Commandments… which means the Christian is always potentially at odds with the “sacred state”… thus any Judeo-Christian influence must be minimized and better yet, eliminated. In the Muslim religion, Allah and state are one in the same, with NO variations permitted! This (IMHO) explains the strange affection socialists (aka: liberals, “progressives”) have for Islam… as both desire to crush any opposition or even questioning of the “Caliphate”… ALL must kneel and worship at the altar of the “collective”. Most important, God is to be replaced by the “Dear Leader(s)”. Hava good day!

To close: the biggest risk to our freedom is to NOT VALUE IT!



Designated Survivor… while an interesting premise, is nothing but preachy Liberal Mush.

Designated Survivor… while a promising and interesting premise, it has turned unto predictable crappy PeeCee  nauseating liberal mush. What makes it worse is that it’s no surprise. Rich and privileged Hollywood these days... much prefers to preach and lecture us on our (perceived by them) “shortcomings” than to actually entertain. It IMHO will be their undoing.



Judicial Tyranny Sanctuary Areas (first heard suggested by radio host Mark Levin)



2020 Dream Democrat Party ticket!



We're ALL Russian agents now!

To paraphrase Newsweek after Obama's election is 2008... with slight updates for 2016:
 "We're ALL Russian agents now!"



If God didn't exist... the Atheist would have to invent Him.

File under “rusty” irony (that file cabinet is getting full!)…  The atheist protests all the evil in the world and then blames exactly who they claim doesn’t exist (God, as in “why would He allow”…).  Hmmm??? Without a Cosmic Law Giver, how is evil (as well as good) even defined?  When Ole Serpent in Genesis 3:5 offered Eve and Adam the fruit of "knowing good and evil"... whose good and evil was it? With no absolute standard (like God) for "good and evil"… it by default becomes relative... with up to 7-billion  versions, one for each of the little “g” gods that currently inhabit the earth.  Such is the source of all the conflict… known to us as history.

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