21st Century "Wounded Knee" in Oregon???

Study history folks! (Misnamed) "Progressives" are for anything but progress, energy is to be left in the ground, resources to be only available to government officials (and those 1% liberal "royalty" who buy them off?), the "common" people (we "peasants") are to be regulated, licensed, permitted and controlled in near all aspects of our lives. In medieval Europe there was the law of the "Kings Land"...as only the King and those royalty whom he gave permission, were allowed to hunt the game and use the resources of the "Kings Land"". Serfs and peasants (owned by the king) were not allowed to do so (under penalty of death)... also much of their subsistence crops were taxed and confiscated as they lived, if lucky... just above starvation. "Kings Land" appears to have returned with BLM, EPA and the other Federal alphabet agencies of tyranny.

BLM is essentially doing to western ranchers what another Fed agency Bureau of Indian Affairs did in the 19th century to Native-Americans. The Feds being Socialists, want the land, ALL land to be publicly owned (see Agenda 21)... with only a small amount in "reservations" to be ranched and farmed... with gazzions of regulations and restrictions on even that.

The western rancher is to be removed, the open lands to become essentially "museums" (left to "nature") with limited and controlled access. Meat will become rare (pun intended... only for the "rulers"... eating it "harms" the Earth ya know)... we'll live on meager rations... beans, rice and porridge. ALL will be rationed, food, medicine, energy... return to serfdom ahead. The setup and murder of protester LaVoy Finicum (yes it was murder, for the Feds were ready and willing to use deadly force)... and the arrest of the others is just the 21st Century version of the law of the "Kings Land" (IMHO).

God help these champions of liberty... in their "range war" against the tyrants in BLM, EPA and Fed government.  I fear for their lives... for these "peasants" are "violating" the "Law of Kings Land".

Will there be, as was with Ruby Ridge and Waco... Federal mass murder in Oregon? A 21st Century "Wounded Knee"?



Christmas... er... Winterfest 2015



"Scientists" and AlGore claim High Levels of CO2 Making People Dumber (But maybe not Dumb Enough)

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The “problem” (IMHO) is it’s not making people dumb enough! Tons of Bee Ess ideology pretending to be “science” (Global Warming/Climate Change on cold days... or AGW/CC))… is dumped daily into our biosphere… far more damaging to the people of Earth than CO2.  For liberty and prosperity (to be replaced with a rationed subsistence) must be surrendered to central hyper-nanny-bureaucrat authority to “save” the planet! ("dear leaders" exempt... of course)  But in spite of a media full court press, not enough people are dumb enough (yet?) to buy the Global Warming /Climate Change on cold days... (or AGW/CC) narrative.
However AlGore/others,  all is not lost, I will suggest those pushing the ideology pretending to be “science” (AlGore, Jeff Green, Tom Steyer, Ted Turner, liberal politicians, Hollywood, BIG MEDIA, etc.) immediately park their jets (used to fly in luxury to “climate conferences” at exclusive resorts), junk their limos and SUVs, move out of their mansions into tiny houses and lead by example. For if humans living reasonably prosperous lives are really the “enemies of Earth”… AlGore and gang must lead by example! This could restore some of their credibility (slight chance). But if all signs seem to show the advocates of ideology pretending to be “science” live as if they really don’t believe it themselves, why should I or we?  Justathought from a dumb human (as per AlGore). 



Bernies and (Hillary’s? and now Bill Gates) Perfect “Progressive” World of “Fairness” and “Equality”…

“From each according to their ability” (you DON’T OWN what you produce)… “Too each according to their needs” (you DON’T get to decide that. Your “needs” and that of your family is done at the Government “Central Needs Determination Office”)…

January 20,  2017 (and thereafter): In Bernie’s (Hillary's) perfect "progressive" world, and with Global Warming (Climate Change on cold days) "crisis" looming (it gonna happen any day now, PROMISE!)... quick action to “save” the planet has been instituted.  As we all want to help “solve” this “crisis” (only world socialism will work!!!),  we now are required by law to use monthly ration coupons (after we wait in line for several hours to get them at the Government Central Allocations Office).  ALL aspects of daily life are now licensed, permitted, regulated, rationed and most important taxed! (lest we damage the planet!). After waiting in line at the Central Allocations Office to receive our ration coupons, we get to wait in a long line again at one of the Government Distribution Centers… there we must present the appropriate coupon for our “fair share” (sure hope some is available!) of food, fuel, medicine, our monthly ration of toilet paper and other essentials as well as our monthly allocation of internet access, most required to be used  to read "Dear Leader's" comments at government approved websites. 

Historical Note: the 2nd Amendment is still in the Constitution… but after President Obama’s last executive order nationalizing  all gun/ammo manufacturers (upheld by SCOTUS 5-4), you must now register all firearms, pay a fee, high liability insurance and then apply for your “ammo permit and ration”… which after paying the fee, has a 20 year “waiting period”… and applications have a tendency to “get lost”, then you must re-apply… go figure.

A day in the life: After returning with your meager rations to your government approved housing (800 square feet for a family of four)…  you receive a call from the MisAllocation of Resources Department… a “friendly” (but stern) voice informs you that your family exceeded its rationed number of toilet flushes for the month… which is 50 flushes, but the government required sensor in the bathroom detected 62.  You explain that a stomach bug infected the family, necessitating the additional flushes. The “friendly” (but stern) voice is understanding that "such things happen", and politely explains your options: you can agree to cut flushes by three for the next four months… or you can pay the fine and/or do the required community service for exceeding your allocations 

You have a family event coming up and want to plan a party… so you use a few of your internet access hours to seek a party permit allowing additional food, drink and toilet flushes. After filling out the online from with “proper justification” a small fee is charged…your party is in two weeks, hopefully the permit will be issued by then, and food will be available. Also, while on the website, you fill another application to get a vacation license for next year and get on the waiting list (currently six months) for accommodations at the beach… you hope a room will be available before your scheduled dates… a small fee is charged.  sadly, your momma, still full of life and vigor gets seriously ill and due to her age (80) she is no longer receiving healthcare coupons for medicine and hospital time (there’s critical shortage of doctors as most have left practice or the country)… but the “merciful” District Medicine Czar does offer her a “pill”.   Bernie’s (Hillary's) perfect world… Socialist Utopia… where all though miserable... it's “fair” and “equal”. 
Notes: “Dear Leaders” are exempt from the rules outlined above… “all animals are equal, but (socialist) pigs are more equal”.

Milton Friedman once observed… “an ant hill and/or bee hive is the perfect socialist society.  The survival of the nest is prime; the individual (even the queen) lives totally for the benefit of the whole… and all ‘citizens’ of the nest are expendable”. 
In spite of dozens of failed attempts it just doesn’t work well for humans.  We humans are individuals… and seek our own freedom and prosperity. For socialism to “work’ there can be NO individuality, not even among the leaders (the “Catch 22” of the matter IMHO).  Sadly there’s just not enough totally selfless “Mother Teresas” to go around… those willing (like ants/bees) to labor and produce society’s necessary goods and services for little or no compensation (other than the subsistence rations, which all “share”)! The “fine print”: Mother Teresa’s selflessness was rooted in a deep faith in Christ… which is generally NOT welcome in socialist thinking.   ALL loyalty must be to the STATE with “no other gods before it”! The (Judeo) Christian’s first loyalty is to God and His Commandments… which means the Christian is always potentially at odds with the “sacred state”… thus any Judeo-Christian influence must be minimized and better yet, eliminated.
In the Muslim religion, Allah and state are one in the same, with NO variations permitted! This (IMHO) explains the strange affection socialists (aka: liberals, “progressives”) have for Islam… as both desire to crush any opposition or even questioning of the “Caliphate”… ALL must kneel and worship at the altar of the “collective”. 

Most important, God is to be replaced by the “Dear Leader(s)”.  Hava good day!



Could Work! It's a start!



Liberal "Truth" Squads...



Socialist Utopia Just Ahead...


The Low Motivation Voter...



How much "Gun Violence" will Obama, Hillary and other Liberals be willing to inflict to prevent "Gun Violence" in America.

If a law is passed that outlaws all firearms for the common populace and effectively repeals the 2nd Amendment, how shall it be enforced (root word FORCE).  Will armed police and/or military go house to house searching for the now illegal guns (using guns and even heavier weapons I presume)? This will by default, result in the complete destruction of entire The Constitution, not just the 2nd Amendment! Will “deadly force” be an option against those who may resist?  How many casualties among the enforcers and the resisters will be enough to complete the disarming of the American populace… how much blood and sorrow will it require?

To sum… How much “gun violence” will our “rulers” (for now they will RULE and no longer govern) be willing to inflict on the citizens, how much death, maiming and imprisonment will be required to prevent “gun violence” in our society?
Oh the “rusty” irony of the "progressive" mind!!!




Labor Day, 2015

Dear Mr. Trump…(with some trepidation this is posted)
Sir, if you are chosen to “make America great again”, understand it is a divine mission from God, much larger than yourself, your ego, your image or any business you’ve ever conducted!

I don’t know if you are a Godly man, a conservative, a huckster, a tyrant or our next president… but you have lit the fire of real hope (not the phony Obama kind) among many of us who in deep frustration, no longer feel represented by those we elect. I don’t know if you’re the best vehicle (I’m a Cruz or Carson person myself), but your rapid rise has given notice and scared the hell put of our “ruling cartel” in politics and media… informing them that they sit atop a rumbling volcano… that can and will erupt in their faces if things don’t change and true rule of law, rights of the citizens and the Constitution restored!

It is sadly becoming more obvious each day we now live in an oligarchy as our (former?) republic fades into history. The ruling (self-appointed) “elite” (nationally and locally) with a mindset of royalty, decrees thousands of laws/rules for we “ordinaries”… that they themselves see NO obligation to obey! The callous disregard for law we see in Hillary’s e-mails, Obama’s executive orders, the ignoring of the IRS attacks upon citizen groups, Congress’ exemption from Obamacare and most other laws as well… and politicized courts routinely overturning legal state elections on marriage definitions and illegal immigration. Those voted on and approved by popular vote of the citizenry (like Prop 187 in California, etc.) are just cast aside... by arrogant black robed despots! This daily assault on our liberty shows the callous disregard of “we the people” by those who now desire to RULE over us… not govern with our consent. I feel modern government is little more than a Chicago gangster "protection racket" who demand payment or they hurt you. Our valued traditions and beliefs routinely mocked, ridiculed and often prohibited as to not "offend" anyone (but us). We are told daily ALL we do is WRONG... what we eat, what we drive, how we worship, how we think... and how living a middle class life is "destroying" the Earth. Thus we must surrender our freedom and prosperity and submit to every aspect of our lives being regulated, taxed, permitted, supervised, licensed, rationed and controlled by tyrannical faceless hyper-bureaucrats as if we are little more than human livestock, unable to manage our own lives. We also know those laying these burdens upon us exempt themselves from any sacrifices demanded of us! Such is oligarchy.
This "elite" (both GOPe and Dems) no longer see themselves as “servants of the citizens”, but as our “masters” or even our “owners”. Many (me included) are not sure our votes even count anymore... with the billionaire tech giants (Gates, Google, etc) all part of this new oligarchy (are you too?)… are our "votes" computer counted or are they just computer generated by algorithms that guarantee a pre-determined outcome?

I’m sure you know this, but some don’t… the concept of “servant king” is purely of Judeo-Christian origin… in other societies (then and now) the King, Pharaoh, Czar and Caesar (Obama?) were worshiped as Gods... the people under them little more than their property. But in the Holy Bible in ancient Israel, they were first and foremost servants of the people, answerable to God. No greater example than Jesus humbly washing the feet of His disciples. Our Constitution is based on the “servant leader” foundation. I close also with a warning... Barack Obama was a blank canvas... encouraged by compliant lapdog media, people made him what they wanted him to be... not the despot he turned out to be. The media will not cover for you as they did for him, but people longing for real leadership can make the same mistake, so Mr. Trump... let us know who you are and your policies to "make America great again".
God bless you sir on your divine mission… unlike our “ruling cartel” that conducts business in the dark, you do not have to pass this letter to know what’s in it.

Regards, RedNeckoBlogger
P*ssed off but hopeful citizen of the United States… God Bless America.



"Progressive"... biggest theft of the “common” people’s wealth since Genghis Khan and the Mongol hoards stormed across Asia and Europe in the 12th Century!

82 years ago, April 5, 1933, a month after taking office, “Progressive hero” president Franklin D. Roosevelt, defender of the poor and downtrodden used an arguably unconstitutional Executive Order (6102) and orchestrated possibly the biggest transfer of real wealth from the common citizenry to the “1% banker rich” in history… as he prohibited and confiscated private ownership of gold coins and bullion. As long as “ordinary” folk owned some gold and silver, the Federal Reserve, big central bankers and Wall Street titans could not completely control the money supply, determine its value and thus regulate economies worldwide. Millions of Americans, thinking it was “best” (after all FDR said so)… willingly gave up their real value gold in exchange for paper money. In 1965, under President Johnson… silver was removed from coinage and in 1971, President Nixon completed the removal of any connection between gold and U.S. currency… fiat money was here to stay, inflation exploded soon after, recession set in and the nation was down the road to a centralized socialistic economy. T’was the biggest theft of the “common” people’s wealth since Genghis Khan and the Mongol hoards stormed across Asia and Europe in the 12th Century! All perpetrated by those “Progressives” who “care” for the poor and middle class, but whose policies always benefit the mega-rich!  Links on the subject below:


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