ID Deniers!

Recycling is good! Honest debate is better... but not without risk! First posted a coupla years back, now re-submitted with a few additional comments.

If someone disagrees with Darwinism they're an ignorant fool! How do you know they’re an ignorant fool? 'Cause they disagree with Darwinism. How do you know their facts are wrong? Because their facts don't support Darwinism.

When one looks at the universe and chooses to turn their brain on, and their rebellion/prejudices off… one would conclude there is some seriously good programming involved. Every act of Earth’s creatures is a result has purpose, survival and reproduction. As biologists delve more and more into the inner workings of the cell, one is astonished at the complexity of its operation… nothing simple about it! This has inspired honest reflection by many scientists, this honesty I add not without risk, due to the current atheistic dogma in the biological “establishment” (Dogma that attacks and censors ANY opposing view).

The dogmatic evolutionists clearly see (but deny) that the rug has been pulled from under them, but their materialism is so ingrained that they now commonly twist themselves into pretzels trying to deny the obvious… that life is FAR too complicated to be an accident! (Hence the term ID Denier!). The irony of this is that they maybe (kinda) right on evolution… it has occurred! It’s just that all productive “mutations” fulfilled a purpose, that improves the survivability of the species (and that’s good… whatever “good” is). Taint no accident… a true example of evolution: say the horseless carriage to the modern race car, or the Wright Brothers flyer to the space ship, all occurred as a result of external intelligent input, based on things learned from earlier examples. Information that is used to improve the next version of the beast, (be it mechanical or biological).

The obvious (IMHO) fact … this universe is the product of an infinite intelligence, that for some reason, is not palatable to many so-called evolutionary “scientists”. This has caused an interesting phenomenon… the morphing of evolutionary “science” into a religion, complete with high priests (Sagan, Gould, Dawkins, etc.). Their devotion is much more akin to religion that science, because under NO circumstances can their “theology” be disproved… it’s a matter of faith, beyond the realm of science… as new facts demonstrating the irreducible complexity of life are revealed, they are promptly denied (and previously noted, often repressed and censored)!

As “they” say, denial is not just a river in Egypt… it creates a blinding impediment the so-called “scientific method”. ID Deniers… open thine eyes and thy minds! (At least to honest debate).

I won't hold my breath!



ObamaCare Summit.. How did Apostle Paul know?

This could be my shortest blog yet... but IMHO it's long enough!

I dunno how the Apostle Paul knew way back in the first century... that 2.000 years in the future in a land far away called the U.S.A. there would be a "Healhcare Summit" With Democrats in charge! But he musta knew! Go figure??????

Romans 1:22 - "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools"

Postscript: Funny thing, I only found it boring when president Obama and the Dems were talking (sob stories cubed!)… the GOP stuff I found engaging and interesting. It occurred to me an hour or so in that the Democrats were deliberately being boring as to discourage most Americans from watching as the GOP guys cleaned their clocks and ate their lunch! Being unbearably boring… now that’s a strategy for you!!!



Global Warming: NO It Ain’t Religion… it’s PONZI!

To prove I "care" and in the spirit of being “green” and of recycling, I shall re-use some points from earlier posts (click numbers), as they cannot (IMHO) be overstated!

I hafta admit ‘twas fun watching REAL scientist and meteorologist Joe Bastardi undress with the facts phony “science guy” (plays one on TV) Bill Nye last night (2/22/10) on Fox's O’Reilly! Nye’s “don’t confuse me with the facts” bleetings were pathetic! By the end of the segment "science guy" Nye was reduced to filibuster! He demonstrated for all to see, why "Global Warming/Climate Change” (GW/CC) appears to have morphed into a “religion”.

OK, Maybe for Nye and many brain-challenged "rent-a-mob" nitwits is has, but NOT for the leaders (aka: perps!). For GW/CC poster child Al Gore and his gang supported by their media/academia allies, it was to be their own personal ultra-cynical Ponzi scam... possibly the biggest one EVER attempted (1)! Gore and all, thought it was carefully crafted BUT... now all the "science" is unraveling at a dizzying pace! So now its’ proponents are following the Joseph Goebbels formula “when your lies don’t work LIE HARDER, LIE BIGGER”!!! So (IMHO) it's NOT a religion, but it sure PLAYS ONE ON TV! Its’ leadership (perps) have for years spread the panic of rising oceans, dead polar bears and melting glaciers with the ONLY “solution” being surrender our prosperity and liberty to a tyrannical international uber-bureaucracy resembling the "Star Chamber" (2). They were all gonna get mega-rich and powerful!!! Us folks who I call the "lessers" were to live a strictly enforced rationed subsistence, devoid of prosperity or liberty... but "Mother Earth" would be saved!!!!!

The perps... our modern ”Progressives” (aka: Socialist, Fascist, Commie) are anything but progressive, ('cause tyranny is NOT progress)! They skillfully and constantly use the seduction of envy and alleged “wealth re-distribution” along with a generous portion of “Leftie approved greed” (like taking from the EVIL rich and giving to you... except only a trickle ever gets to you??!!). What puzzles me is almost all of the so-called “progressive” leadership from Hollyweird to overpaid professors are among the richest among us… so I must conclude there’s “approved” rich… Hollywierd and media types who hang out with Castro and Chavez (this includes Al Gore, Shawn Penn, Tim and Susan, Katie and most MSM media types). This puts most successful Americans into the “unapproved” rich category… those who work their butts off and actually produce stuff! They are constantly vilified (though most our wealth is but a fraction of theirs… go figure???), and selected for punishment. Like ole Serpent in the Garden… “Progressives” make promises that they NEVER intend to keep… a seduction (emotion over logic) with similar results. The modern “Progressive” has FAR more in common with Al Capone and John Gotti than Marx or Lenin… they are no more than gangsters with government as enforcer! While railing against “greed” (3) they are the worst of the greedy… not only do they want MORE (more power, taxes, regulation) they want YOU to have LESS (rationed energy, healthcare, liberty)… the modern welfare/socialist state is not much different than an antebellum slave plantation (4). Sadly they already have much of the population "enslaved" (5). President Obama in his SOTU speech essentially told America: "I know what’s best for you! So sit yer sorryazz down shut-up, gimme yer wallet and buzz off!" ...and, of course (insert here:) "It’s all Bush’s fault" (6).

But a fly is in the ointment. Most Americans are just NOT that damn stupid… while many initially bought the media driven Obama myth, enough to get him elected… (although with John McCain there wasn’t much real choice) it appears to have dissipated! Have we a great Obama and liberal miscalculation? Americans no matter their political bent, REFUSE to be anything but prosperous and will not accept anything but liberty. It didn’t take long for all but the most cultic Obama voters to figure out what was promised (7) was not gonna be delivered!.

With the recent election reversals in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, one might hope President Obama and the Congressional leadership would have a “Clinton” moment and move toward the center… but this does not appear to be the case (not even a head fake?!)… he is busy in yet another attempt at seduction, through a “bipartisan” ruse in yet another effort to push his agenda of tyranny! DON’T BUY IT (I now don’t think you will)! Much of this may wear the veneer of "religion" but it is NOT! Be it “Global Climate Change”, “Crap’n Trade” or “Healthcare Reform” the Obama “progressive” agenda is no more than Bernie Madoff on super steroids!!! We at the bottom of this humongous pyramid will LOSE BIG!



$40,000 and counting!

As President Obama submits his 2011 budget to Congress... $3.83 TRILLION!!!!! ($3,830,000,000,000)... (a third of which is deficit)… I can discern from my calculations the MOST expensive commodity in the universe is a single U.S. vote!

Q: Why? (Jusferfun)… If 3,000 years ago you lived in Egypt and went into the pyramid business and you were a HORRIBLE businessperson and lost $100 a SECOND ($8.64 million a day)… for these last 3,000 years… how many more years from today would it take to lose the current U.S, national debt of $12.3 Trillion, assuming it stopped growing today?

A : If we add no more to the debt ((Currently approximately $3.8 BILLION is added daily)… our pyramid business would take 895 more YEARS to lose $12.3 Trillion ($12,292,968,100 as of 10:50 AM, 2-2-2010)… so we’d be done in the year 2905… (except in the time it took to write this an additional $20,000,000 or so was added!) Whew... it has cost YOU, your kids (and me) as of now... about $40,000, for your friendly Washington D.C. politician to "buy" enough votes to stay in office, live like royalty and tell you... "we" must all "sacrifice"!

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