4th of July Salute to Our Great Leader!

On this July 4th (happy 234th USA!)… I RedneckoBlogger humbly salute our president and Congress! Let us take a few moments to be thankful, as we observe the incredible display of leadership by President Barak Obama as we endure the Gulf oil disaster… his quick decisions such as choosing not to lift the Jones Act (protects maritime labor unions), that would’ve allowed the world’s best oil cleanup technology to be quickly deployed (we should learn union boss's wishes are MUCH more important than a few beaches and gulf state’s economies).

To see our best government bureaucrats halting cleanup efforts ‘cause the “correct” life jackets (maybe not union made?) aren’t on the ships, or the paperwork is not “properly” filled out takes our breath away! The clever delay of deploying containment booms pending “environmental” studies, which may take weeks even months! (insert oil gushing video here).

Also we greatly admire that his ultimate “solution” to all this is to pass “Cap and Trade” and other top-down legislation to would ration energy and make it much more expensive!(needed to put us greedy Americans in our “place”)… but it’s OK we will spend more taxpayer trillion$ on untested so-called “green” energy (GE's loving it!). His great wisdom is so profound as he knows if we just pass “comprehensive immigration reform” that oil well would dry right up… of this we can be sure! Our great leader inspires us ALL!

As one also observes his great leadership on the economy, the "overseas contingency operation" and the success of all the $imulu$ trillions… we wait in breathless anticipation of when any of us might need (upon approval of our government healthcare tsar) a life-saving critical, expensive and timely medical procedure. Welcome to 21st century Amerika… it’s so good!

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