The Battle of Wisconsin... or Richard Trumka is a SCARY guy!

One of the most onerous bits of Leftist/LSM propaganda is that the Wisconsin (and other state’s) battles with public unions is about “worker’s rights” (straw-man!). Public unions are inventions of the Democrat Party, who having long advocated public funding for elections... in effect have it (for decades… but just for them). The sad reality: they have bought (with public money of all Americans) not rights but PRIVLEDGE similar to a quasi-royalty (something the Founders NEVER envisioned)! The Democrat Party of our parents is but a faded memory as big city/state Democrat machines morphed into “banana” republics! There is little input from the “downtrodden” they claim to champion (the people cast ballots, but are the "votes" already counted?). Many times we have observed, when a “protected” class citizen attempts “escape” (Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Allen West, Herman Cain, etc.) they are ruthlessly attacked by the “enforcer overseers”… such as the Reverends(NOT!) AL/Jesse as “Uncle Toms” and “not really Black”. To attempt escape from the 21st Century Democrat “Plantation” is only slightly less dangerous than their ancestors attempts of Ante-Bellum days. Could we maybe we need a 21st Century Underground Railroad?

The oft forced union “workers” are played for chumps, and are only revered for their union dues (many are forced and do not support the “public union label”). Much of our citizenry are victims of the NEA and other “education” union’s decades of indoctrination in the classroom (many excellent teachers are frustrated and quit). And Johnny/Jane still reads lousy, and can't speull so good.

The BIG battle of Wisconsin, etc... IMHO, is the state going to continue to collect union dues as payroll deduction or force the unions to do it themselves? Thus the UPROAR! If victorious, Scott Walker and other GOP governors will have won a political victory of a magnitude yet to be measured… the possible de-funding of a corrupt and gangster Democrat party. Now with like wounded cornered animals, the fight will be vicious, and long! I have a measure of sympathy for the Democrat run-away legislators. I bet they WERE TOLD to leave and would be in physical danger (Richard Trumka is a SCARY guy!) if they dare return without the “blessing” of their union masters. The next half-century could be at stake in this battle! HIGH STAKES! This is a MUST win fight for BOTH sides!



IS there Hope for Obama in 2012, could his Re-elect Fortunes Change? (and other musings).

In my lifetime (50+ years), the only thing that defeats an incumbent president is high unemployment and crappy economy. And if inflation becomes bad... Obama will have the loser's trifecta, like Jimmah Carter in 1980. No matter their politics Americans REFUSE to be anything but prosperous and free, just far too many want someone other than them to pay for it!

However, there IS Hope (n'Change?) for Obama in 2012... Mitt Romney. If he is the GOP nominee, 4 more years! The GOP 'establishment' seem all RINO. In 2008, John McCain became the nominee with far less that 50% of the base GOP primary vote. This was NOT an accident(IMHO). To allow 'Blue' states with open primaries such weight in the nominating process is madness! (but only if you don't want to win). We now have the Tea Party on one side and the Dems and RINOS on the other, such is our situation.

In other musings… I still have some (dwindling) friends who are dedicated and passionate “progressives” (aka: Socialists)… dwindling because when their buddy (me) reveals my Tea Party sentiments my “tolerant” (soon) former friends recoil at my “ignorance” and “stupidity”. Aren’t all “educated and enlightened” folks Leftist? (if not they should be!)… the incredulity when they learn one of their fellows does not conform to their non-conformity angers and frustrates them no end! They soon prove to me their vocabulary (words like "freedom" "tolerance", etc.) is 180 degrees from mine.

These (so-called) “progressives” in today’s politics have more in common with the old divine right of kings than with Socialists (Hmmm??? maybe there's no difference). They see themselves as a privileged ruling class who must control us “lessers”. If they are able to capture both established parties… they NEVER lose! Mitt Romney is now the alleged front runner for 2012, or so the LSM tells us. Sarah Palin and other real conservatives (like Hermann Cain, Michelle Bachmann for example), we are told they have NO chance. If this is really the case, wouldn't our media pals be pushing them to the top… yet they are constant attack mode, telling us who they really fear!

To close… The duplicity we see in most Leftists (aka: “Progressives”) causes us liberty minded folks to accuse them of hypocrisy... but Leftists are NOT (technically) hypocrites IMHO… they are “ends justifies the means” types. Hypocrisy is just another “tool” in the box… as anything that advances their cause of tyranny is “good”. Truth is an impediment and must be destroyed, before their “success” can be achieved. The strange alliance between the secular Left and Islamists is founded on this mutual love of totalitarianism... so all makes sense in a (REAL) creepy kind of way. Have a good day!



Close to $7 TRILLION!!!! And still not enough???

Assuming this Government Spending website is accurate, we learn the Feds spend MORE than ALL state and local government COMBINED! A whopping 53% of a the staggering total of damn near $7 Trillion (FY 2011)!!! And yet they demand MORE! (and we wonder why our economy's flat?)... It has become obvious that if government could(they would) confiscate ALL the wealth earned since 1776, (gazllion$) it would STILL NOT be enough for our Federal/State/Local 'masters"... especially the Feds... they would still deficit spend!!! Such is the greed and lust for power in the halls of government! Will the new GOP majorities STOP this madness or be seduced into joining it??? We know the parasite that kills it's host soon dies itself!



Maybe after all it's not what they say that proves their true "love" for us… But what they do???!

With much of the country in a nasty deep freeze (damn global warming… Al Gore warned us ya know!)… there’s this interesting weather and energy related link from Drudge today. Makes me recall what candidate Barak Obama said way back in 2008, "Energy prices will "necessarily skyrocket" under his plans. But maybe the next question we may very well have to deal with: In the future (maybe near future) will energy even be AVAILABLE at any price???

I know this may be difficult for many in the “progressive” community to grasp(gasp!), but in what appears to be opposite of their “known love" and concern for the welfare of us the “little people”… Obama’s EPA is continuing (in spite of climate legislation failing in Congress), to implement its back door "crap'n trade" plan... capping our prosperity and trading it overseas (to China maybe?). Bottom line... maybe it's not what they SAY that proves their true "love" for us… but what they DO???!



Big Bang and other Variations... and Middle East Peace?

Evolution is “fact”… "Climate Change" is "fact"!  So claim its ardent adherents, but most of their confidence is bravado… if they indeed had facts to prove it, they would not get so agitated and often near apoplectic when “dumb, ignorant” Christians/theists (like me) challenge their assertions. Why does scientific fact need court decisions and legal sanctions against opposing views? In such actions, the militant evolutionist betrays his/her views as just another religion (join the club guys/gals).

We all got religion... even no religion is religion, Evolution is ultimately religion. Religion is part of our DNA. Within the limits of our Earthly knowledge, the answers to all great questions of life are ultimately... speculations.

The accepted (not proved) origin of the universe (always subject to change) by most evolutionary cosmologists is known as the “Big Bang Model (Theory)” (not to be confused with the braindead TV comedy of the same name). The irony of acceptance of the “Big Bang” is the admission the universe had a finite beginning (that leans theist a bit)… when first advocated Big Bang had a hostile reception from those who advanced the “Steady State Model” (a prior “truth” of cosmic explanation). Eventually the steady Staters lost the argument. The only thing all could agree own was God/Intelligent Creator was NOT involved. Somehow, someway the incredibly and complex universe and the origin of life just somehow came to be… something us ignorant theists would brave to call a “miracle”.
Which brings us to Islam... Islam has a different take on Big Bang ... ask the survivors from 9-11 through the Moscow airport, and many incidents in between. As an unabashed theist, I assert all was foretold millennia ago: Muslims trace their lineage to Abraham though Ishmael (not Isaac as do Jews and Christians)... it was prophesied 3,500 years ago by Genesis 16:12: "… he shall be as a wild ass among men; his hand shall be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell against all his brethren."

Too me... most interesting in the prophecy is... it says ALL his brethren... and that must also include other Muslims. Which means and history (so far) has not contradicted, as long as the Middle East is Muslim there will NEVER be peace!

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