Oil and Water - Modern Democrats and Religion… things that don’t mix

One of the great ironies of modern times is the decline in power of the Democrat party. For years they ran the show. IMHO(1), the cancer of arrogance(2) was/is the culprit, along with the death of the Harry Truman, Scoop Jackson, John Kennedy species of Democrat (they are now what I call “reluctant” Republicans… the “value” voters). While pursuing social service/welfare type domestic policies, Truman/Jackson/JFK Democrats were staunch anti-Communists (as Korea and Vietnam would attest), and they were NOT hostile to religious faith and traditional American family values. In fact they embraced these values and used them to sell their programs (taking somebody else's money and giving it to “me” is usually a sure fire political winner!).

But beginning in the '50s, the seduction of leftist secularism took control... Supreme Court decisions openly hostile to religion were championed by those who gained control of the party in the '70s. These people wanted no part of religion AND much of their energy was/is spent pushing anti-religious values like abortion and "gay" marriage. This has gradually lost them many traditional Democrat blocs: they're "bleeding" Catholics, conservative Jews and I contend they will begin to bleed just enough religious Blacks and Hispanics (over gay marriage), to greatly damage their election prospects.

Not even Jimmah Carter and Bill Clinton can rescue 'em! Come election time Democrats trot out their ‘tokens’ (Tim Kaine, governor of Virginia, is the latest) to spout religious slogans… but based on their actions in every other endeavor, it’s just not believable. This is also aggravated by the “blame the U.S.A. first loud” crowd that inhabits the lefty blogasphere, Hollywood and much of the media. If Republicans could order their opponents from E-Bay… they could not do better than Air America, the ACLU, Cindy Sheehan. Michael Newdow(3), Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer et al!..

(1) IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

(2) Arrogance is always accompanied by ignorance… one must be ignorant that they’re a fool in order to be arrogant. This afflicts much of the “angry” (left and right) in the world today.

(3) Michael Newdow is the “get God out of the Pledge” guy.

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