Socialist Softball... or how I became a "Slugging Justice Warrior".

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new phenom of the Left... challenging even Bernie and Liz "Fauxahontus" Warren  for top spot in the Social Justice warrior league of "fairness" and "economic justice"... aka: Socialism! Reminds me of a time in the notso distant past...

Back in the day‚Ķ I was stats keeper of my softball team. A bunch of guys who played in a recreational league and would have a few beers after the game. One night, I proposed "Socialist Softball"... it was damn wrong and pure GREED that our team had one player hit 11 of the teams 14 total home runs. He also selfishly lead the team in batting average, RBI and OPS and scooped up every ball hit near him when he was fielding! 

His stats were most "offensive" and "unfair". I suggested his stats be "redistributed" to all the lesser players equally! I called it "Slugging JUSTICE!"  Maybe I'd then be credited with a coupla HRs... not that I would actually hit one myself.  

Awww Socialist Softball... "fairness" with other people's stats!

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