21st Century "Wounded Knee" in Oregon???

Study history folks! (Misnamed) "Progressives" are for anything but progress, energy is to be left in the ground, resources to be only available to government officials (and those 1% liberal "royalty" who buy them off?), the "common" people (we "peasants") are to be regulated, licensed, permitted and controlled in near all aspects of our lives. In medieval Europe there was the law of the "Kings Land"...as only the King and those royalty whom he gave permission, were allowed to hunt the game and use the resources of the "Kings Land"". Serfs and peasants (owned by the king) were not allowed to do so (under penalty of death)... also much of their subsistence crops were taxed and confiscated as they lived, if lucky... just above starvation. "Kings Land" appears to have returned with BLM, EPA and the other Federal alphabet agencies of tyranny.

BLM is essentially doing to western ranchers what another Fed agency Bureau of Indian Affairs did in the 19th century to Native-Americans. The Feds being Socialists, want the land, ALL land to be publicly owned (see Agenda 21)... with only a small amount in "reservations" to be ranched and farmed... with gazzions of regulations and restrictions on even that.

The western rancher is to be removed, the open lands to become essentially "museums" (left to "nature") with limited and controlled access. Meat will become rare (pun intended... only for the "rulers"... eating it "harms" the Earth ya know)... we'll live on meager rations... beans, rice and porridge. ALL will be rationed, food, medicine, energy... return to serfdom ahead. The setup and murder of protester LaVoy Finicum (yes it was murder, for the Feds were ready and willing to use deadly force)... and the arrest of the others is just the 21st Century version of the law of the "Kings Land" (IMHO).

God help these champions of liberty... in their "range war" against the tyrants in BLM, EPA and Fed government.  I fear for their lives... for these "peasants" are "violating" the "Law of Kings Land".

Will there be, as was with Ruby Ridge and Waco... Federal mass murder in Oregon? A 21st Century "Wounded Knee"?

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