Socialism... the Ultimate Ponzi Scheme!

With OWSers taking over many of the public parks in our cities and with the Obama "Jobs Bill" being used to accuse Conservatives of malice. On can conclude the mantra of Socialism is not much different than the Serpent’s (Genesis 3) pitch in the Garden... a seduction, with similar results!!! These days with Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their band of Democrat and media pals, we are hearing its off-key siren song again... the lyrics now being "Healthcare Reform", "Cap'n Trade", "Stimulas" and "job creation"... in the effort to avoid actually using the "S" word. But it's all still bad rhymes!!!

Socialism survives on promises... once under its tyranny, the folks too late realize the delivery of these promises is a far different matter! Socialism is really a huge Ponzi pyramid scheme (or maybe a southern ante-bellum plantation)... those in charge at the top live LARGE... the "regular" folks not so good. Innovation and creativity is frustrated and oppressed with bureaucracy multiplied to strangulation levels... the purpose to maintain the sacred status quo! To do and maintain this, control of information, education and the media is essential. Human vices (especially those of the flesh) and "alternative life styles" are encouraged and glorified. Traditional Judeo-Christian faith and morality are discouraged, ridiculed and marginalized… the main vehicle for this being the now state-controlled "arts", entertainment and education industries. Media "stars" are anointed and given conditional top tier pyramid status, based on their adherence to the "party line" (as the state has now replaced God, the rulers are often given godlike admiration by the selected media). Opposition media if allowed at all, is viciously attacked using such thuggish Orwellian named tactics as “fairness doctrine” “diversity” and “net neutrality”.

Those at the top of the pyramid continually agitate those below to be in constant conflict with each other... using all things cultural and ethnic to maintain the strife (so we don’t see that our common struggle is against the top pyramid "Bernie Madoff" types). Those of us among the "lesser" are fortunate if we can maintain a rationed subsistence... long lines for most everything among us “common” folk are the SOCIALIST REALITY! (Note last years toilet paper shortage in Cuba). However, to "comfort" us and assuage our misery we have the option of blaming our misfortune on the various “enemies of the day”! This could be big corporations, "greedy" Wall Street, insurance companies, or even Fox News... but NEVER government!

One wonders why if Socialism is so wonderful, why don’t Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela have an illegal immigrant problem? Seems to me they should have to build walls to keep people out! But their walls are designed to keep the people in! It’s amazing in America today, how many of our fellow citizens buy the PROMISE (of something for nothing) and not the REALITY (the aforementioned “rationed subsistence”) of Socialism! Go figure? Convinced that the (never delivered) promised good life of Socialism is “just around the corner” many become willing slaves to the oppressive Nanny state, marching into HELL with a smile on their face!!!

To close with a paraphrase of wisdom gleaned from 18th century patriot Samuel Adams, (with some 21st century context adjustment liberties): Those who know not the Lord, are doomed to live in tyranny, but tyrants cannot (for long) rule righteous men.

God save us, send revival to the land!



Media and Democrat KKK teach Herman a lesson!

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