Rush Limbaugh's List of...

Ways liberals wanna take (or have taken) our freedom over the last 50 or so years:
A list the great Rushbo mentioned on his show April 16, 2008...
added to and interpreted by RedNeckoBlogger

Things Banned (or they wanna ban or make us feel guilty about)

1 Ten Commandments in public
2 Prayer and the Holy Bible
3 High Flow (3 gallon) Toilets
4 Freon
5 Aerosol Cans
6 Paper Bags
7 Plastic Bags
8 Coffee
9 Incandescent Light bulbs
10 Outdoor Lighting at the Beach (could confuse turtles)
11 Touch Football (too rough)
12 Balloons At Public Events (birds could choke)
13 Cutting Trees (even on your property… hug don't cut!)
14 Nuclear Power
15 Coal
16 Fossil Fuels
17 Coconut Oil Popcorn
18 Smoking
19 DDT and most insecticides that actually work!
20 Monkey Bars on Playgrounds (Or Anything That's Fun)
21 Diving Boards
22 Toy Guns
23 Real Guns ("We don't need no stinkin' 2nd Amendment!)
24 Dodge ball (some kids can't dodge)
25 Tag (someone's gotta be "It")
26 Garbage Disposals
27 Red Meat
28 Chicken at KFC
29 Trans Fats
30 Children (overpopulation)
31 Foie gras
32 Veal
33 Founding Fathers
34 Fathers
35 SUVs and big cars
36 Homophobia
37 Internal Combustion Engine
38 Carbon (at what price? All known life is carbon based)
39 Free Speech (ala.. McCain-Feingold)
40 Home Schooling
41 Private (especially Faith-Based) Schools
42 Low Taxes
43 Hunting
44 Fishing
45 Domestic oil drilling (but bitch about high gas prices????)
46 Oil refining (but bitch about high gas prices????)
47 Logging
48 Strong Military & Victory in War
49 Any Military
50 Border fences

And... Things they wanna mandate (or have mandated)

1 "Diversity" training
2 "Gay" Lifestyle Acceptance
3 Affirmative Action
4 Carbon credits
5 Child seats (for those who are allowed to be born)
6 Compact fluorescent light bulbs (in SPITE of the mercury)
7 Electric Cars (but there's a catch… #'s 14 thru 16 in list above)
8 Ethanol (corn and grain price$ through the roof!)
9 Helmets (Bicycle, Skating, Motorcycles)
10 High taxes
11 Low-Flow (1.6 gallon) Toilets
12 Public transportation
13 Regulation and taxing of most all human activity
14 School busing for "racial balance"
15 Seat Belts
16 Wind Power (except in their neighborhood)

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