Who/What Created Evil?

Could it be no one? Maybe evil is not a 'created' thing… like cold is the absence of heat, dark is the absence of light... could evil be simply the absence of G-d? When one separates from G-d, he/she is left with only EGO. Ego is a cruel and merciless master, never satiated, that demands to be worshiped as god and therefore is a prime candidate for the source of evil. Lucifer is the ultimate example of this, G-d created him as an Archangel and gave him the gift of beauty (Son of the Morning… Isaiah 14:12), but he misused this gift. When Lucifer separated from G-d he became evil, for he had nowhere else to go. He was seduced by, and gave in to… EGO.

The recent roster of mass murderers, from Hitler to Stalin, Pol Pot to Saddam, all wanted to be worshiped as gods... (ego). For the poor souls under their jackboot, the penalty for not worshiping them was/is always agony and death! Interviews with serial murderers have revealed that they often forced their victims to “worship” them before they pronounced “judgment” (selfish ego totally out of control!).

In 21st century America, ego drives the anti Judeo-Christian “movement”. From the A.C.L.U. to Michael Newdow (the take G-d outta the Pledge guy), to Hollywood’s Limousine Liberals, it all about “look at me, I’m on TV” (saying ridiculous things…) Ego is the totally anti-G-d state of mind, and is In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) the foundation of evil! There is ultimately only two true faiths... worship of G-d or worship of self (ego). So again IMHO, all cults, ideologies, isms, etc. are just versions of EGO!

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