Has Global Warming (Climate Change on cold days) destroyed the old Democrat electoral coalition?

It’s over killed by the climate advocates like Al Gore, Tom Steyer and any who see themselves as superior to we peasants?

For decades the Democrat championed the “little guy”, the blue collar working class and traditional union households.  They were awarded many electoral victories as a result. But has that changed?  Yes it has… the Democrat party is now the party of the privileged (mostly white) 1%... the richest among us! With the election of Donald Trump they no longer hide or even advocate for the “little guy”.  Their new coalition are the outcasts from what was normal society… the gays, the transgenders, the illegal migrants, single women and of course the richest of the rich.  The old blue collar working class (especially white) have been discarded.  The reason IMHO is Global Warming… note now the “progressive” prefers to promote and champion those who don’t reproduce.

The blame for Global Warming (Climate Change on cold days or AGW/CC) has always been placed on prosperity and living the 21st Century “good life” for the masses.  Wide-spread “common” citizen prosperity is the AGW/CC villain. All things considered prosperous, from driving your SUV, a warm house in winter and even the backyard barbecue threatens Mother Earth with dangerous CO2! It must now be limited.  From this we get a demand (hear and read them) that the "villain" of mass prosperity must now be carefully and strictly rationed to prevent AGW/CC.  A “crisis” so dangerous that freedom itself must be limited and regulated. It will inevitably create a world-wide “caste” system… those are permitted prosperity (rulers-“owners”) and those subject to rationing (all of the rest of us). This has caused the Democrats and “progressives” to no longer be able to champion the “little guy”… as it’s to risky for the planet.  To better control who gets to be prosperous and who doesn’t a poor, ignorant and nominally educated population is preferred… explaining the “progressives” desire for migrants from the 3rd world… they come already poor and ignorant, happy with little more than subsistence rations.

This “new” way is really the old way… royalty and peasantry.  The Liberal 1% (Hollywood, media, political class) sees themselves as the new “divine right of kings”… destined to rule and control those of us of “lesser DNA”.  Any natural disaster is now the fault of and always explained by Global Warming (Climate Change on cold days)!  Used as the justification for any and all control of we the “human livestock”, for to let us prosper in mass is to ruin the planet!  Not so much Marxism as world-wide Old South plantation… where the “owners” thrive in the “mansions on the hill” and we (serfs at best, slaves at worst)… live a rationed subsistence in the mud huts… all for our own “good” and salvation of the planet of course! A dystopian existence for most of us sure... but Mother Gaia be saved!

Record breaking cold? It's still "Climate Change"!



Sensitivity guardian at CNN says the traditional holiday movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” is sexist and should be retired!

Not fit for 21st Century PeeCee police approval per CNN's Carol Costello!

#Hillaryarius! The sexism is everywhere!!! CNN sees that Mr. Potter is the Liberal seeking to put the people in the straight jacket of his "public housing" and George Bailey is the "Donald Trump" seeking to make Bedford Falls great again by freeing the people from the dictatorial power of "Progressive" Potter... (censor! Can't allow that truth out!)

As with all (misnamed) "progressives" Potter sought to own and control ALL aspects of life in Bedford Falls, seeing only George Bailey as standing in his way!  He seeks and thinks he has framed and destroyed George Bailey, as he is standing on the bridge ready to commit suicide. When angel Clarence intervenes and shows what life would be like without him... notice:

Potter changed the town's name. to Pottersville... (removing monuments and statues perhaps?)... and any previous history of the town.

Brought in gambling and prostitution (Girls, Girls, Girls neon sign), destroyed families (Taxi driver Ernie's wife left him) and put the people into despair (the bar scene with Clarence the Angel)...

Also George and Mary had very loving, committed and (alas!) heterosexual traditional marriage! Who can’t see the sexism in that?

Is it "sexist" because it shows the true goal of (misnamed) "progressives" everywhere and CNN doesn't want that to be seen?  Is not Potter was the perfect Liberal? Showing pure contempt for the little guys ("Garlic eaters") and a desire to control them and keep them poor!

Yep CNN ... "It's a Wonderful Life" sure looks just like "sexism" to me and should be "retired".
Link to CNN article... that brought this tirade on!



16th Amendment... Unlike others, it allows government to commit violence anytime to anyone!

Most Amendments PROTECT the average law-abiding citizen from government violence, the 16th does just the opposite!!!  Gives government first claim to your property and labor!

The 16th Amendment (income tax) is the single biggest threat to liberty and our Republic! Since its implementation, liberty has gradually waned. The income tax requires the government to know ALL about you… where you live, your age, your kids, your money… everything… the 16th Amendment that began the destruction of privacy. It made the IRS the single most feared government entity and was the first Amendment that threatened OUTRIGHT VIOLENCE against the common citizen (you don’t pay, they come get you!).  In all the other Amendments (especially the Bill of Rights) the citizen was protected from government violence… the one other exception was the disaster of the 18th (Prohibition… repealed by the 21st).  The 16th Amendment only one where you are guilty till you prove innocence.   The 13th Amendment freed the black slaves (protected from violence)… the 16th reversed that in a sense… because it gave the federal government first claim to your labor… and stolen labor is by definition slavery (but now is called “fairness” and “economic justice”.

After the 16th Amendment implementation and the creation of the Federal Reserve money factory, Washington D.C. became the marketplace to buy influence and access to the public treasury. One stop shopping for the oligarchy (aka: 1%)! 

Take a look:

1st Amendment: free speech, assembly and freedom of religion: PROTECTS the citizen from government violence to coerce any “state approved” speech or religious mandate.

2nd Amendment: PROTECTS citizens right to bear arms to resist government violence!

3rd Amendment: PROTECTS citizens homes from any government coercion (aka: threat of violence) to force quartering of soldiers in their homes.

4th Amendment: PROTECTS the citizen from unreasonable searches and seizures.

5th Amendment: PROTECTS the citizen from self-incrimination.

6th Amendment: PROTECTS the citizen’s right to a speedy trial if accused of a crime.

7th Amendment: PROTECTS the citizen’s right to trial by jury of their peers.

8th Amendment: PROTECTS: the citizen from excessive fine and “cruel and unusual punishment”.

9th Amendment: PROTECTS citizen’s rights not enumerated in the Constitution.

10th Amendment: PROTECTS the states and citizens within by limiting the Federal government’s power.

11th Amendment: PROTECTS the states from suits from those not living in the state.

12th Amendment: PROTECTS citizens’ votes in presidential elections by having President and Vice-President elected on same ticket by same voters. Imagine if Hillary were Vice-President?

13th Amendment: PROTECTS citizens by abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude.

14th Amendment: PROTECTS newly-freed citizens by defining rights and privileges.

15th Amendment: PROTECTS the right to vote.

16th Amendment: in effect REVERSES ALL THE ABOVE AMENDMENTS, and those that followed! Allows government to take your property and liberty by FORCE of violence, without due process!!! Steals the sovereignty of the citizen, subjugates it to a centralized authority.

17th Amendment: PROTECTS not the citizen but the federal government by reducing the state government’s input to the federal government. Makes states vassals not equal participants. Almost the perverse opposite of the 2nd Amendment protecting the first, except the exact reverse.

18th Amendment: the second example that allows the government to threaten and do violence. To those citizens who may use, make or purchase alcohol. Led to the rise of organized crime to an industrial scale, and corruption of the very politicians who ratified the amendment!

19th Amendment: Expanded the right to vote to women.

20th Amendment: Changed to date which President terms begin. 

21st Repeals the tyranny of Prohibition 18th Amendment.

22nd Amendment: Term limits the president to two terms. PROTECTS the citizens from a personality cult president.

23rd Amendment: Gives District of Columbia citizens right to vote in Presidential elections.

24th Amendment: PROTECTS citizens’ right to vote from poll taxes.

25th Amendment: Clarifies procedure of succession of president not able to perform their duties.

26th Amendment: PROTECTS citizens 18 and older’s right to vote.

27th Amendment: PROTECTS citizens (somewhat) from Congress giving themselves automatic pay raises.

The BIGGEST threat to all these Amendments and the Constitution itself are Liberal judges and spineless Republicans.

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