Nice Republicans Finish Last! We need a Fighting General!

Sometimes you need a fighting general… George Patton was rude, crude and stayed in trouble, because he spoke his mind and violated the PeeCeeBeeEss of the day, but he was one HELLOVA winner, so in spite of his “warts” Eisenhower saw his greatness and gave him command of 3rd Army! As they say the rest is history!  So it is with Trump... crude and rude: he is opposed and slandered by all sides Dem, media and his own GOPe. He has said in the past that most Americans now feel NONE of the political class represents them (polls support his). So he should revive this theme big time... because it's true!

The ruthless attacks upon him are also attacks against ALL of us who treasure the Judeo-Christian foundations of our history... as our values are under constant and relentless assault! To believe in God, Man-Woman marriage, live born babies, right to bear arms and live a reasonably free and prosperous life is now "hate speech", "bigotry" and "harms the earth" (though we are the most tolerant of all)! The power "elite" in the Beltway, Media, Wall Street and the Ivory Towers of academia seek to make us not citizens governed by will of the governed... but serfs ruled as if we are little more than human livestock! Near every aspect of life to be taxed, herded, corralled, regulated, licensed, permitted, controlled, rationed and even "culled" (death panels?) when our "owners" deem it necessary!!!

Now it is time for the American people to see in Trump what Eisenhower saw in Patton and give him  "the fighting general" command! We gotta win this folks!!! If we don’t we'll be a conquered people and to paraphrase the words of Emperor Hirohito of Japan in his surrender broadcast: “We shall be forced to endure the unendurable and bear the unbearable!” Don't wanna do that? Trump/Pence 2016!! Hillary for Prison!

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