"Progressive" Philosophy: When Your Lies Don't Work... LIE HARDER!!!

Since Barak “Messiah” Obama was unfortunately elected U.S. president, we have been promised that jobs will be saved and created, healthcare will be affordable to all, “evil” Wall Street fat cats will be disciplined, racial tensions will be no more, the oceans will recede, polar bears will cavort in happiness, cheap “green” energy will abound… basically Heaven on Earth will be realized. Like it has been said by me and others… the PROMISE IS BOLD AND EASY TO READ, but if ya want the reality you better carefully study the fine print... (hint: it was all LIES)!

Today more than ever, many feel our U.S. federal government, many state and local governments are at odds, and possibly even “at war” with the average citizen! We see more government by executive fiat… creating ever more strangling regulation by a growing cadre of hyper-bureaucrats, that inevitably destroy motivation, innovation, and real jobs! “Blue” government (federal, state and local) has morphed a real hostility to us, the average folks! In spite of the anti-big business rhetoric, the Obama administration and liberal Democrats are (IMHO) as “corporately owned” as any administration in history… HUGE tax-payer bailouts for cooperating Wall Street firms, large companies like GE, GM, Chrysler and “too big to fail” banks… (yet the GOP is the party of the “fat cats” per the so-called big media). Nothing is further from the truth!!! As alternative media grows and challenges the former monopoly of the legacy media, we are seeing plans to censor the first amendment (like the Orwellian named “Net Neutrality”).

We the average Americans are becoming more and more aware that any form of government labeled as “progressive” is nothing but a Chicago style mob "protection racket" (you don't do business unless gangsta government gets their "piece of the action")! After a stinging rebuke from the voters, the lame duck Libs/”progressives” pretty much gave us in middle America the middle finger! The feckless (pre Tea Party) GOP offered only token resistance to these lame duck outrages! So now we now see the (Obama regime) attempt disturbing efforts to oppress through administrative regulation and executive orders… all to continue the growth of Obama’s and Democrat’s Chicago-style gangster protection racket government (the people be damned!).

Any “progressive crisis” be it deficit , oil spills, “global warming” to and including whatever… ALWAYS has the exact same “solution”... we the people MUST surrender our liberty and prosperity to some centralized top-down global cabal of the aforementioned “czar” hyper-bureaucrats… who to "save" us must tax us to poverty, then control and ration every aspect of our soon to be miserable lives??? It’s far past time to just say NO… make that HELL NO!!!



DADT: Do Some Policies Work too Well?

Our lamest of lame duck Congress is considering among other liberty destroying policies the repeal of what’s become known as “don’t ask, don’t tell”, in regards to sexual orientation of military recruits and service people. It was begun during the Clinton administration as a compromise as to the eligibility of homosexual (PC word... gay) recruits. Lotsa self-righteous posturing and grandstanding went on back then and is going on still today for public consumption! Leads one to contemplate what tis all about!

IMHO "Don't ask, don't tell" is a problem for liberals because it’s just too dang successful! DADT to me is a good policy for life. When I need a mechanic, plumber or other service, I have yet to ask their sexual orientation. I ask for references as to them being the best as what they do. If God forbid, I was in a car crash… I would NOT ask or care what the religion, race or sexual orientation of the hero who pulled me from the flaming wreck! I would just be eternally thankful!

The military since DADT has been effective (whenever allowed to be)... gay service folks how ever many, seem to have contributed... which leads to the "problem". In the minds of Lefties, it has NOT produced enough CHAOS and CONFLICT! So they MUST try to make a policy that does! The Left continually agitates and exploits all differences, cultural, class, racial, ethnic and… sexual orientation. The goal always to create and maintain strife among people who normally could get along! Less we become aware who the REAL enemy is! In truth the “tolerant” Left is TOTALLY intolerant of tolerance! They get their power from division, envy, greed and anger! If ya don’t believe me… ask Keith Olbermann or anyone at MSNBC!!



"War" on Christmas, and other Assorted Seasonal Amusements...

For full disclosure, I am an unabashed theist of the “born again Christian” variety.

A little song to start (you know the tune):

Tis the season we Christians get pissed-off,
fa-a-la-a-lah (and so on)…
cause all the Hell-bound atheists hate Christmas, (chorus like before).
Now they buy billboard ads, saying we’re fools (fa-la-la thing again)…
Let’s give em love(not anger) to show them Truth…
fa-a-la-a-lah, etc. (CORNY!)

December 7, Pearl Harbor day... so war (I 'spose) is appropriate subject matter. Among the news of the day, we have billboard ads about the nation purchased by atheists, dissing Christmas ("season for reason", as opposed to "Jesus, reason for the season"... clever those atheists). However, as the aforementioned unabashed theist of the “born again Christian” variety... I find the atheist is a strange sort: he(she)often as part of their argument, rails against the "injustice" of God who does not exist, then (exclusively) claims to be of "rational and reasoned" mind! Try as I might, I can’t calculate their “math” (what is "justice" and "reason" in a random meaningless universe?)... it just DON’T ADD UP, such is the paradox! While dismissing all theistic faiths, they appear (from my humble observations) to have particular animus towards Christianity... go figure? The so-called “war” on Christmas continues and is ongoing as a subset of the disdain against all who subscribe to the “maker theory”… see Psalm 139 in the (alleged) Holy Bible for further detail.

In many of their ads and arguments, our atheist friends claim one can be “good” without God… true but, they must borrow their concept of what’s “good”. In the USA, the definition most observe (IMHO)… is of Judeo-Christian origin. Ya know the one (we suppose) delivered by God Somebody… in the (alleged) Holy Bible, the ancient document of which some find interest.

What’s funny (as in sheesh not ha-ha) and our great conundrum is how to be “good” when in the non-believer(aka: Law of the Jungle) world, there IS NO universal standard of what’s “good”? The Muslim Jihadist thinks it’s “good” to slaughter the infidel (folks like me) in large numbers for Allah… (I humbly must disagree with that standard). In Genesis 3:5 the Serpent beguiles Eve (and Adam) with the seductive promise that, once they eat of the “fruit on the tree of knowledge” they will "be as God, knowing good and evil". Turned out to be (partly) true as Adam, Eve (and all after) became sovereign souls… little “g” gods as it were ("knowing good and evil" only by THEIR definition). So in the pursuit of “good” we have up to six billion+ potential concepts of what’s “good”. Consensus becomes an issue… as many (if not most) of these ideas of “good” are in sometimes violent conflict with others… proven to be a bit of a problem! We have (at least) 10,000 years of history confirming this sad fact!

The (potentially sad) irony of our existence is we ALL, be we theist, pagan, New Ager and/or atheist are STUCK with an ultimate act of “faith” in our earthy sojourn. We must accept that a “miracle” of some kind occurred in the dim recesses of the past. One (hopefully with an explanation) that gave rise to all that is known as “us”… (and without “us” the rest doesn’t matter)! We actually know very little about this phenomenon we call the “known universe”... but we speculate much! The human condition has the (sometimes cruel) desire to figure stuff out… in fact it drives us NUTS. IMHO, the even BIGGER irony (and cruel to some) is, it only CAN make sense if there is creator God. The cosmic lawgiver who has defined the universal standard of “good”. But in His(her/its) generosity (and/or malice depending on one’s point of view) we mere mortals are permitted our own opinions. (Genesis 3:5 again).

The prime argument by the atheist is there "no evidence" of God's existence in the "known" universe (DNA is not good enough?)... as a rule I would conclude the atheist demands "proof" on his/her terms... God must submit to their will, not the other way around. I offer prominent and militant Richard Dawkins as exhibit "A".. But he hedges his bets a bit in the title of his article, then rambles on incoherently.

Merry Christmas, Festivas for the Rest of Us and Happy Holidays (however defined)... to all!

P.S. Jutsa few references for further study:

Psalm 2:1 - Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?
Psalms 14:1 - The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.
Romans 1:22 - Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools

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