Suggested "Gay Wedding" Ceremony… for Bible Based Churches

Where there's trouble, there's opportunity to share the Gospel with those who may never hear it. I would offer that Christian pastors consider submitting to “Caesar” on the requirement that churches and houses of worship perform “Gay Weddings”.  Maybe to defeat the Devil we should seek to out think him. We begin...

Pastor speaks to those gathered:
Beloved we gather today under threat of legal prosecution and persecution… to unite Adam and Steve legally in a union the state demands we call “marriage” but in fact is a mockery of God’s most sacred sacrament.  God created marriage, man did not... for one man and one woman only. So though required by law… this union cannot be blessed by God.  As a counsel to the participants, I ask them to accept as Savior our Lord Jesus Christ, for He loves them and seeks them to learn His ways and repent of this abomination forced upon this church... and lay their souls at the Cross and receive His redeeming Blood and Salvation into their hearts.  The participants shall now exchange vows… (bla,bla,bla)
Now I as servant of God, but also a law abiding citizen…and so compelled and coerced to pronounce this union legal in the state... but in no way can be recognized or blessed by God.  Therefore, under the laws of the state, but contrary to God's… I now pronounce you spouses… and let you determine which is husband and which is wife. Let it be known to all... I and this church have now submitted to all legal requirements to perform this ceremony and the letter of the law has been fulfilled.

Closing note:  As pastor I would let the participants know this is part of the ceremony if they demand to be “married” in my church. I will inform them I will perform the ceremony, but to qualify to use this facility.. all who wed here are obligated to accept Christian marriage counseling and follow rules of this church. What grounds to sue? We will do what is required by law, but within the rules of the church. Maybe they’ll just go somewhere else. We gotta start somewhere!


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