The RedNeckoBlogger weighs in on important issues of the day!

The terrorist threat is always with us, gas is over $3 a gallon with no signs of reversing… the mortgage crisis is close to being the 21st century version of the S&L debacle … enough of the trivial stuff!

What are we gonna do about the BCS mess? What worthy college football team(s) is gonna be left on the sidelines when the top two BCS teams play for the glass football January 7, in New Orleans? Everybody has a “better” plan… including the RedNeckoBlogger!

First: let's "tweek" the regular season
Change regular scheduled season to ten games… to end the weekend before Thanksgiving… with a post-season option. If not selected for the 16-team playoff, a school can be invited to a smaller bowl game, or schedule a extra game (or two) with an opponent not normally on the schedule… a coupla 0-10 clubs could schedule a game with each other so SOMEBODY could WIN a game! Conference championship games would be the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Number Two: Selection process
Champions of the 11 FBS conferences would gain auto berths in the playoffs… five at large schools would be selected from remaining worthies… still subject to controversy of course, but no more than now.

Third: Selected schools will be seeded by a BCS Process
For the first two rounds home field advantage will be based on these seedings, and played the first two weeks of December. I would suggest beginning with the semi-finals (final four) these games be venued in the traditional big bowl format , January 1. Other January 1, games could select teams losing in the first rounds… we love football so a coupla consolation matchups would fill the rest of the big bowl new year’s day requirements.

The Big Game:
Will be played the "weekend after the weekend" of January 1, for 2008 it would be Friday the 11th or Saturday the 12th… in prime time, of course… this still, for teams with conference playoffs, would make a 15-game season for finalists… a lot, but the FCS schools have been doing this for years, and it works for them.

Can we could start next season?

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