Irrational religious fundamentalist monkey wrestling over bones with different stories…Part Deaux!

The evolutionists at the Devolab at Michigan State University have been touting “AVIDA” a digital evolution software that is described as “a digital world in which self-replicating computer programs mutate and evolve. Avida allows study questions and experiments in evolutionary dynamics and theoretical biology that are intractable in real biological systems.” (the key word is “intractable”)

More at their website: Michigan State University Devolab.
Avida was featured as the cover story of the Feb. 2005 issue of Discover magazine.

Avaida allegedly demonstrates evolutionary processes that would take “miyons or biyons” (to quote the late Carl Sagan) or years to occur “naturally”. (Note: for this musing I am assuming Avida was intelligently designed by highly skilled programmers)… as a result Avida does EXACTLY was it programmed to do… demonstrate evolution as its “creators” assume it occured… geez are we back to that circular thing again? As a result Avida only “proves” evolution to those already convinced!

In the February 2005, article mentioned above, it is stated that “creationists” have tried to “break” the Avida model without success… which of course you can’t do because it does what it is intelligently designed to do… (again… prove evolution to those already convinced). The aforementioned “creationists” make the mistake of playing in the Avida “ballpark”.

Truthfully, Avida loses from the gitgo… cause it is intelligently designed to do what it does! I’m assumin’ again that in order for Avida to create “random evolutionary processes” SOMEBODY (playing God?) has to “push the button” to get it all started. Hmmmm… unless Avida just happened to appear one day, on somebody’s computer???????

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