"Independents" Curse of the Muddy Middle - or... How We Got Obama

As we head to November, recent polls suggest Democrats and President Obama losing “Independent” voters. This after overwhelmingly winning them in 2006 and 2008, resulting in election victory. Reasons for this decline are given as primarily the still struggling economy and lack of results of stimulus and other promised big government “solutions”. Who are these “independents” and why do they seem to always flip-flop in their support for the major parties?

In my years of observing "independents" I have determined they are essentially moral and political cowards... go with the flow! They are smart enough to know that liberal idiocy leads to trouble, but they also seem to have a deep need to be "hip" and not “offend”... so they are very driven by popular culture and media (which always trend left), and prone to succumb to political correctness. Sadly these fickle "independents" decide who wins elections, and have all too short memories of liberal failure… so they are generally unreliable and demand to be always courted.

So like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football... they know better but still get seduced by Obama type rhetoric of “fair”, “change” and other campaign BS... cause it's the "NewBig Thing" or in Obama’s case first minority president “historic” (historically bad)!

BUT!!! They will respond to REAL and bold leadership! The great Renaldus Maximus overwhelmingly won these people (although they wouldn’t admit it to their liberal friends!). Sadly his example is lost on most of today’s GOP (with the possible exception of Sarah Palin). Remember in 1976, Ronald Reagan was dismissed and treated much the same as Palin is today. Who knows what the future brings, but IMHO it is an interesting parallel.

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