"Progressive"... biggest theft of the “common” people’s wealth since Genghis Khan and the Mongol hoards stormed across Asia and Europe in the 12th Century!

82 years ago, April 5, 1933, a month after taking office, “Progressive hero” president Franklin D. Roosevelt, defender of the poor and downtrodden used an arguably unconstitutional Executive Order (6102) and orchestrated possibly the biggest transfer of real wealth from the common citizenry to the “1% banker rich” in history… as he prohibited and confiscated private ownership of gold coins and bullion. As long as “ordinary” folk owned some gold and silver, the Federal Reserve, big central bankers and Wall Street titans could not completely control the money supply, determine its value and thus regulate economies worldwide. Millions of Americans, thinking it was “best” (after all FDR said so)… willingly gave up their real value gold in exchange for paper money. In 1965, under President Johnson… silver was removed from coinage and in 1971, President Nixon completed the removal of any connection between gold and U.S. currency… fiat money was here to stay, inflation exploded soon after, recession set in and the nation was down the road to a centralized socialistic economy. T’was the biggest theft of the “common” people’s wealth since Genghis Khan and the Mongol hoards stormed across Asia and Europe in the 12th Century! All perpetrated by those “Progressives” who “care” for the poor and middle class, but whose policies always benefit the mega-rich!  Links on the subject below:




The Reality: Liberals HATE the middle class! Lies, Damn Lies and Ponzi "Progressive"/Liberalism.

Liberalism is trust??? (notice the statement is over a hundred years old). 180 degrees outta phase these days! Liberalism/"Progressivism" is the ULTIMATE Ponzi scam (those at the top live LARGE, those at the bottom notso much)! Have ya seen a poor Congressperson lately? (I didn’t think so)! Liberalism’s basic tenet is you CANNOT be trusted to use your hard-earned resources “fairly” (Ya know for the elusive “public good”). Thus most of your property and income MUST be confiscated by an elite ruler class (aka: 1%), who “knows best” how to spend it.

Liberal the word, has been badly distorted (as has "progressive" here it's always in quotes)… they claim an exclusive on compassion but do it with other people’s money? That’s NOT compassion, but larceny!!!. The modern “Liberal/Progressive” is the very definition of the GREED they claim to abhor (wink, wink!). But demanding ownership of what someone else had produced is the very definition of GREED! Their constant bleats are like a robber accusing you of “greed” when you resist his theft.

Liberals/Progressives “Imagine” group ownership of all, with little if any private property. But! In this system who controls this property? The aforementioned great “leaders”(Rulers!).  After confiscation, they allocate resources as they see fit, with most of the allocation for them (the great lies  of “Fairness”, "Equality" and "Justice"). We the people? A rationed subsistence "trickled down" from centralized hyper-nannies! Liberal/"Progressives" always bemoan that too much "wealth and power" in our world is controlled by so few… their "solution" ALL wealth and power controlled by even fewer! Odd logic (anti-logic?) the exact outcome of centralized government they advocate??? (Go figure???). Innovation and motivation to work is frustrated by strangling regulation, every aspect of life permitted, taxed and licensed! The economy is hamstrung and production is curtailed, resulting in less and less to be "shared" under the direction of our “benevolent protectors”. 

If one spends two minutes with truth… they will quickly learn Democrat/liberals/”progressives” HATE the middle class! Think a moment… their alleged “beloved” middle class, especially the blue collar whites and independent small business… are where most of the GOP vote resides these days. (I wish the RINOs would learn this). Obamas “economic policies” overwhelmingly favor the 1% (Fed prints money, sends it to Wall Street… stock market soaring, middle class pooring)! Observe (with the exception of the hated Koch Brothers)… nearly ALL the richest 1% (Hollywood, BIG media, Gates, Buffet, Steyer) are loyal Democrats and Obama’s golf pals (having purchased their Obamacare exemptions)! Obamacare, with its fines, and the growing regulatory state seeks to punish these mostly hard working middle class voters... who dare vote GOP! They know they are losing the real middle class, so Democrats seek to replace them with low skill, low educated foreigners (amnesty)… who's main “job” will be to vote Democrat early and often (without ID) and most importantly stay poor, low skilled and uneducated and always on the "Plantation" (the job of government public schools).  Most middle class Democrats appear to be government workers… teachers, bureaucrats and such, though some are prone to wander. When Scott Walker and other GOP governors stop forced public employee union membership and dues… these organizations declined rapidly (follow the money). Closing this rant with a review of the biggest lies in “progressive” history in no particular order:

1. Serpent in the Garden (first recorded liberal promise)… “eat of it and you shall be like God” (Genesis 3:5)

2. “If you like your plan and doctor, you can keep your plan and doctor” (who said that?)

3. “The check’s in the mail” (Oft used, origin unknown)

4. Democrats “care” about the middle class (with the possible exception of #1, maybe the biggest lie of all!).

God bless!

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