Note to Unions and All Liberals: Remember the First Rule of the Parasite.

T'was watching John Stossel's Fox News special "Battle for the Future" last night... about how unions, especially public employee unions and their government toadies are strangling the private sector with crippling taxes to fund huge salaries, benfits and expensive early retirements (the word parasite was used a lot)... it has inspired me to an open letter to our ruling cadre:

Mr. President as you and your fellow travelers currently controlling Congress, as well as many state and cities continue to saddle our future generations with ENORMOUS deficits and debt, with real and proposed tax increases on every aspect of life... please would you (could you?), Obama, Nancy, Harry and BIG Union bosses, take a moment and remember the first survival rule of ANY parasite: “Don’t kill your host!” As our first African-American president... I'll take the liberty to use an African example... the Turkana and neighboring African tribes are known to bleed their cattle, mix the blood with the milk for a large part their protein requirements. They are wise and understand much better than you and our Washington “leaders” that in order to keep doing this, THEY MUST KEEP THEIR CATTLE HEALTHY… and not drain so much blood they kill the beast! Also, unlike you and our current crop of public “servants” they revere and care for their “producers” … instead of heaping contempt upon them! Washington, BIG union, big city Democrat political machines... Please learn this lesson!

It’s said of and by politicians… “if ya rob Peter to pay Paul, you’ll always get Paul’s vote… until Peter runs outta money!” With that joke of a “stimulus” bill and your destructive spending, I think we’re there! (This “Peter” is tapped out!) You and our current crop of (mostly Democrat) politicos in the “puzzle palace” known as Washington D.C. seem to have bought this philosophy wholesale! You and the current D.C. “servants” need to seriously remember that to do your "wealth redistribution" plans, you gotta first have some wealth… and an engine to create future wealth. Otherwise your plan is a one-time event, soon to wither! You must allow “Peter” to keep enough of his/her hard-earned resources that he/she remains motivated to keep working and paying taxes! This sadly seems lost on you and most in Congress and unions!

The sad irony of your stimulus and gigantic spending is… our modern economies run only on confidence! With REAL value money (like tied to gold) long gone, confidence is all we have... Sooooo, when G.W. Bush way back in September 2008, and you now scream "we must pass this (stimulus, budget, healthcare plan, crap'n trade... etc.) or die!" it leads to the opposite of the (alleged) desired result... while supplying $pending it destroys the very confidence the economy needs! The first indicator is usually the world stock markets and employment… IMHO confidence is in short supply!

The sad “reality” is socialist governments (as you desire and I fear we are rapidly becoming) only function when the people are willing to work for the “greater good” which essentially is working for nothing! People have a nasty habit of not wanting to do this… until we can break the “bad” habit of folks working for their own interest (and not yours), socialist experiments are doomed to failure! When you bankrupt us "Peters" ... "Paul" is still gonna want his handout, and may riot in the streets if it's not given (remember Greece)! What are you gonna give "Paul" if you forget that essential first rule of the parasite?! I'll give all you Paul's a hint... tyranny and unlike wealth, it will not in short supply!



NEVER Make a Political Party... Your "Team"!

Today politically we have a Left (GOP) and Left-er (DEM) dialog. Very little Right is involved (IMHO). Governments by nature lean left... as there is a constant temptation to concentrate, centralize and expand power. The founders understood this... but our Constitution will only hold if WE THE PEOPLE defend it. That’s why both parties use any and all efforts to divide.

Race, sex, class, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation… anything to take minds off you’re getting hosed! Control us “lessers”, and keep them fighting with each other so we don’t notice we’re being played for suckers. I figure the “liberal” loves their family as much as I love mine… so who’s divided? The divisions are carefully cultivated.

So I advocate you NEVER make a political party your “team” (like Yankees/Red Sox, etc.). If and when “they” win it feels good for awhile as you bask in a reflected glory… BUT they really don’t have your welfare in mind. In fact it can be VERY expensive to "serve" your “team” (high price of tickets, stadium food/drinks, team paraphernalia and such).

But, your team cannot force you to financially support them… when your “team” is a political party they CAN when they take power. They can tax, regulate and attack ALL! (Think of Yankee fans forced to financially support the Red Sox?). So unlike your fave sports team, you better play close attention to your (so-called) representatives and understand what’s going on… are they really serving your interest? I never get too excited when “my side” wins… because they usually let me down, and they really DON’T have my best interest at heart. Only a coupla times have I ever allowed a political sign in my yard… once a favor for my neighbor (a lib) running for local office… (didn’t vote for him… but don’t tell!), and recently to a co-worker running for city office (may vote for him).

Candidates and their handlers understand the TEAM thing (aka “bandwagon”) and often sell themselves like a sports team (don’t we often place our desires on our local athletic heroes?). The Obama campaign with its media cheerleaders, allowed all to “remake” Obama in their “image” (from he’s gonna “cut” my taxes and punish the evil “rich”… to “He’s gonna buy me a new car!”). The reality was carefully hidden from us all… like the always “wait to next year” hopes, folks were encouraged to replace the figure of Barack Obama with their own desires.

I have never been to a candidate rally… (sadly, I usually vote AGAINST not FOR)… however, I have recently enthusiastically attended a coupla TEA Party events, and may support candidates with similar philosophies. But I be paying attention when they reach office! Something (????) once office is gained seems to rob Democrats of their minds and Republicans of their spines… GO FIGURE???



Obama Nation + "Ruling Class" = Plantation Nation?

It as curious to you as it is to me, why some of the biggest pushers of the socialist/fascist Obama/Pelosi/Reid Nanny State agenda are among mega-rich? Like the glamorous Hollyweird types, Warren Buffett and even some of the Silicon Valley gazzionaires... what do they know that we don't? In my observations the socialist/fascist state IS much like an antebellum southern plantation! The "limousine liberals" that run the place are the “chosen” and are “better” people… who “care” greatly for all of us... the great unwashed. These “chosen” know most of us ordinary folk won’t spend our money and live our lives our lives like we should… so they must, for our own good, essentially ration our freedom to keep us in line! This is why liberals like Obama, Pelosi and Reid ALWAYS side with the tyrants of the world!

Like all socialists/fascists rulers, the old southern plantation owner confiscated the slaves produce and redistributed it to himself… allowing only a mere subsistence for the worker (slave). Remember, when politicians advocate “redistribution of wealth” they ALWAYS tend redistribute to themselves first! You get the promise they get the goods! (Or to paraphrase late country singer Jerry Reed “they get the goldmine… you get the shaft”)! Karl Marx lamented that the worker owns little and has only his labor to sell… and ironically the Marxist (plantation owner) steals even that! The hated capitalist at least has to negotiate a market price with the laborer... not the case for the socialist... by definition all is owned (including the worker) by the State (Plantation).

President Obama, the Democrat congress (and RINOs), "Climate Change" Peace Prize huckster AlGore (every bit as crooked as Bernie Madoff), along with most of the media/Hollyweird gang, are now poster children for this coming "Plantation Nation". They are the perfect example of "do what I say, not what I do" (remember AlGore’s electric bill?)... this harkens one back to that less proud time in our history, the "Old South" of antebellum times… a time when the “select elect” masters lived in the “Mansion on the Hill” and the slaves dwelled in the mud huts.

Side-script 1: Tyranny always needs crisis to establish itself... As to “Global Warming/Climate Change” could it be what we have here is sorta kinda a 21st Century version of the pagan explanation that our mishaps are a result of “angry gods” (aka: "offending" Mother Earth)?
In the past thousands of years earthquakes, storms and other assorted catastrophes have required sacrifices of virgins, children and other unfortunate folks to appease these angry gods! Note the high priests and shamans demanding these “necessary” sacrifices rarely were it victims.

The bitter irony is our first African-American (black) president is leading the charge to create this 21st century “Plantation Nation”! With the economic disasters of “Cap and Trade” and government “Health Care” on the horizon... fighting “global warming” (err… “Climate Change”), soon to be rationed health care and the incremental strangulation of the private sector (by “Czars” and hyper-bureaucrats), will soon put most of our freedom on ice! Soon we best learn to make the most of the one to two hours of rationed power each day. With the “Crap and Destroy Trade” policy of no nuke, no coal, no gas, no oil, no biomass… how do we maintain our lifestyles? But as we sleep each night in discomfort (no heat, no AC, can’t burn wood… CO2 ya know)… and when we are told by a government czar our lives are “not worth” what it CO$T to cure our illnesses, we will be comforted to know that our sacrifice “saves” Mother Earth and keeps healthcare costs down (Thanky Master)! But remember... our "leaders (rulers)" in Washinton D.C. (plantation owners?) will not be burdened by any of these constraints as they have exempted themselves from these and most laws imposed on us "lessers".

Note: if the recent "Healthcare" back room deals are any indication, "the (Liberal) Rich" (Big Union, Big Lawyer, etc.) and other "Big Democrat" donor$ can also carve their own personal exemption from whatever larceny our D.C. rulers cook up for us mere mortals... (fascism?).

Side Script 2: What's the difference between a "Health Czar" determining your "worth to society" before allowing treatment for whatever ails you... and an antebellum plantation owner deciding if an injured slave is worth saving or shooting? Not much! Welcome to ObamaCare and ObamaNation/Plantation Nation!

Admired "Great leaders" like Fidel Castro are worth billion$ while his people struggle in poverty! He’s the plantation owner. Now we have "Castro with an oil plantation" Hugo Chavez who has promoted himself to "Fuhrer of Venezuela". The world/American Left/big media LOVE these dictators, and seek to impose similar tyranny on the average American citizen! Our increasingly imperial arrogant president and congressional leadership, who after narrowly passing the “Crap ‘n trade” bill... ordered luxury jets…($50M+ per) so they can travel like royalty! (Nancy, how was Copenhagen?). Now, these jet-set libs demand we park our SUVs, while they buzz around in the aforementioned luxury, burning more fuel (and producing more CO2) in an hour than our SUV burns or produces in a month!

These arrogant b*stards must think they’re better people... by what measure I have yet to figure?? Yet they say and campaign that they are for the “little guy"… MY ARSE!
Unless a lotta of us wake up quick, we "little guys" are soon headed for our version of the "mud huts"! Welcome to "Obama's Plantation Nation"!



Latest RNB General Ramblings

I do not accept the Gay lifestyle as normal, as my Christian faith does not condone homosexuality. But my Savior instructs me to love all, including Gays. He does not instruct me to “reform” them from their error… only to proclaim to all His redeeming love! Changing the heart is His job, not mine. When I waded into the recent controversy, defending Ann Coulter from being dropped by World Net Daily, I caught HELL from many fellow Christians and conservatives! I remember and invoke the great “Renuldus Maximus” on a similar controversy:

Ronald Reagan’s logic was on display in a statement addressing criticism on accepting contributions from Log Cabin Republicans… (paraphrased: “I’m not signing onto their agenda… they are signing on to mine. Lower taxes, less government is good for all, including Gays”). How politically right on IMHO! After we defeat the Socialists/Fascists stranglehold, we can work out our differences! If my house in on fire and someone rushes in to help rescue my family, I am NOT going to question their race, religion or sexual orientation… I’m gonna be grateful for their courage and assistance!

We must understand in an effort to dodge reality of the constant Liberal failure, they and their media allies exploit all possible avenues for division… race, sex, class, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation… anything to take minds off truth! Modern Libs, ”Progressives”, whatever is their name for today are of similar DNA to all despots. Control the “lesser” (slaves?), and keep them fighting with each other so we don’t notice who the real enemy is.

James Lee, the Discovery Channel gunman… railed against the human race, calling us (and I guess himself) parasites on the Earth. This is the all too common and inevitable conclusion of anyone who accepts the “natural” Darwin/evolutionary explanation for life, and rejects that we are “fearfully and wonderfully” (re: Psalm 139:14) made. Ole Devil is cleaver… he encourages suicide in some, homicide in others.

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