Understanding Lib/Progressive Talk (think 180), and other musings

Watch MSNBC, Current TV (new home of Olbie) as well as the alphabet's nightly "news" and you hear great words: fairness, truth, equality, justice, peace and economic justice. But (big but) when any liberal/”progressive” speaks... understand what they say is 180 degrees out of phase with what they want you to believe! Liberalism/Progressivism is the ULTIMATE Ponzi scam! Seen a poor Dem/RINO Congressperson lately? (didn’t think so)! Liberalism’s basic tenet is you (average American hard working citizen) CANNOT be trusted to use your hard-earned resources “fairly” (You know for the elusive “public good”). Thus most of your property and income MUST be confiscated by an elite ruler class (Ivy League/Stanford/Cal-Berkeley types), who “knows best” how to spend it. From this ideology we get Liberal/"Progressive" words: "fairness", "truth", "equality", "justice" "peace" and "economic justice"... how can YOU be against such lofty ideals? (you racist/homophobe/Neanderthal, clinging to your God and guns!)

Liberal the word, has been badly distorted, as has "progressive" the absolute 180 degree example! (why it should always be in quotes)… they claim exclusive ownership on compassion for the less fortunate, but do it with other people’s money? That’s NOT compassion, that’s larceny!!!. The modern “Liberal/Progressive” is the very definition of the GREED they claim to abhor (wink, wink!)… demanding ownership of what someone else had produced (“tax the rich more”). Their bleats are like a robber accusing you of “greed” when you resist his theft.

Liberals/Progressives “Imagine” group ownership of all, with little if any private property. But (another big but!) in this system, the question is... who controls this property? The aforementioned great “leaders”(Rulers!) themselves of course! After confiscation, they then allocate resources as they see fit... with history showing most of the allocation going first for themselves! (the great lie of “fairness”). Many of my Liberal/Progressive (aka: useful idiot) friends bemoan that "so much in our world is controlled by so few"… NEWS FLASH! That IS the exact outcome of all-powerful centralized government! The accompanying strangling regulation and hyper-licensing soon crush innovation and motivation, hard work is frustrated, production is curtailed (no drill, no way sez EPA!), resulting in less and less to be "shared" under the direction of our “benevolent protectors”. In my experience liberty is superior! (See Greece for further study)

We may share the same space/time as Lefties, but a totally different dimension/paradigm. Like said before, when they say the same words it has a 180 opposite meaning from our understanding. Anything that goes against their accepted realities is "wrong", a "lie" (Fox lies!), “misinformed” and of course “right wing”. “Truth” in LeftWorld is NOT about facts, but ideology. When fact and reality get in the way, facts are dismissed as “misinformation” and/or “hate speech” to be suppressed and possibly even prosecuted. This is why they despise Fox News and anyone/anything that disrupt their illusions… if you’re not Left, you’re a Right wing fanatic (NO middle ground). Same goes for “moral”, it has NOTHING to do with personal behavior (go and sext 14-year olds all day!) but again is ideology, if you’re pro-choice, pro "gay" marriage (supporting regular marriage is optional), believe global warming and support single-payer healthcare you are “moral”.

With the Liberal Left's power and influence suffering some setbacks in recent elections. We must prepare and gird for the most fierce, savage and vicious attacks and accusations EVER in our history. Media lynch mobs as well as union goons and their regular mobs and goons will be in full tantrum! We are seeing this in Wisconsin with an accusation by state Supreme Court justice (hyper-lib Ann Walsh Bradley), that fellow justice David Prosser (allegedly) assaulted her… according to reports details are “sketchy”. No matter Lib websites have convicted Judge Prosser and are demanding his removal! When Lib/Left/Progressives lose an election, it’s always mob time! With ObamaCare heading for the U.S. Supreme Court the Left lynch mob is redoubling their efforts to disqualify and rid the court of Clarence Thomas, with a new fusillade of very questionable accusations. Yet these very hypocrites demand “civility” from their opponents? (WARNING Constitution liberty loving Americans, TEA Party folks and just plain patriots risk all if they fall into the trap and play the Left’s “civility” game)!

When understood you know there is NO reasoning with such folks… they must be defeated! It will be a long and hard campaign, and we will take some casualties, but the very foundations of our republic are at great risk, maybe even as great as in World War II and the Cold War combined. For now the enemy is within our own country and government! Their thought processes, morality, sense of "justice" and governance is from the mob... Remember to them the "Ends justify the Means" and their "Ends" will end in tyranny! 180 degrees opposite of what we understand and desire.

Appendix: Liberal/"Progressive" Glossary:Truth: Whatever forwards their cause to take what you earn. Does NOT require facts or logic!
Equality: Take what you got, and tell you what lightbulbs to use and what car to drive.
Justice: Groundless (seriousness of the charge) accusations... facts be damned, you're guilty!
Fairness/Economic Justice: Take your stuff and give to those who vote early and often for them.
Peace: Kill the Jews and destroy Israel... (why do so many American Jews support Liberal/Left causes? Is it a death wish, or have they fired God and hired Marx?). Either way it will end in their destruction (and ours if not stopped)!
Civility: The great trap for Conservatives, DON'T FALL FOR IT! As conservatives are by nature civil, Lib/"Progressives" will always use this against us to try to deflect criticism. Libs of course, can call conservatives every name in the book, lie, slander and insult! Through all they somehow still remain "civil". (???)
Racism/Hate speech: ANY disagreement with LeftLib/"Progressives" policies, accusations or assertions.
Rule of Law: To LeftLibs "law" is something used to attack conservatives... they are under no obligation to follow any stinkin' law they don't like. Best example is illegal immigration, but there are others: such as Timothy Geithner, and Charles Rangel's tax "oversights".

You MUST know your enemy to win the fight! God bless America!

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