Romney/Huntsman 2012… the RINO dream ticket among Democrats and media libtards!

Romney/Huntsman 2012 (or vice-versa or ? for VP)… will be the dream ticket among Democrats and media libtards! Look for BIG LIB $$$ to find their way into their primary campaigns... especially the "open" primary states. We thought in 2008, Obama was the "Manchurian Candidate" turns out it was McPain, selected by the liberals and media. The Arizona RINO was the perfect GOP opponent to help elect our first hyper-liberal (almost) African-American president! McPain almost screwed it all up by picking Sarah Palin as running mate, but media overtime efforts, and the “convenient” financial panic were able to pull Obama into the Oval Office. Sadly election rules in many states award all delegates to the highest vote getter NOT a majority. In Florida, McPain received all GOP delegates with just 34%... this outrageous stacked deck is in the works for Mr. Mittcare also. That is why media outlets are saying Mitt’s 25% is a “commanding” lead. The election rules were allegedly to save money, but they are a disaster... no election should be won with less than 50%+1 (but that's another post)! Grassroots GOPers must NOT allow this chicanery to succeed. Or we’ll get the “4-more years” Obama needs to wreck the US for decades to come! Like McCain 2008, Romney and/or Huntsman will be the Washington Generals playing Obama's Harlem Globetrotters... it looks like a contest, but we KNOW who wins!!! God bless America!

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