We're ALL Russian agents now!

To paraphrase Newsweek after Obama's election is 2008... with slight updates for 2016:
 "We're ALL Russian agents now!"



If God didn't exist... the Atheist would have to invent Him.

File under “rusty” irony (that file cabinet is getting full!)…  The atheist protests all the evil in the world and then blames exactly who they claim doesn’t exist (God, as in “why would He allow”…).  Hmmm??? Without a Cosmic Law Giver, how is evil (as well as good) even defined?  When Ole Serpent in Genesis 3:5 offered Eve and Adam the fruit of "knowing good and evil"... whose good and evil was it? With no absolute standard (like God) for "good and evil"… it by default becomes relative... with up to 7-billion  versions, one for each of the little “g” gods that currently inhabit the earth.  Such is the source of all the conflict… known to us as history.

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