Judicial Tyranny! What to Do?

A recycle... but California just did this... what do ya do about activists judges who morph into tyrants in black robes?

Number one: You can’t solve the problem with new judges… conservative judges can be just as activist as libs (and… have you noticed how “conservative” judges have a nasty habit of getting liberal after a few years on the court!) The problem of judicial activism is… the other branches of government (aren’t they EQUAL defenders of the Constitution?) have allowed it to happen… some of this is intentional, like lefties knowing they cannot achieve their goals democratically… other (more important) is Constitutional ignorance!

We need a Constitutional “crisis” to set the situation straight! Imagine this scenario: The Court (say 5-4) comes up with outrageous ruling (we’ll use "gay" marriage)… President Bush (or whoever) responds thusly: “I ask my fellow citizens to consider this… what if the court ruled that because of past mistreatment, a minority group could print their own money… and the court ruled it MUST be accepted as legal currency! Would it be any LESS counterfeit because the court ruled? A gay marriage license is COUNTERFEIT! Just like a $7 bill… the court has NO authority to say different!!! Therefore, as a EQUAL defender of the U.S. Constitution… I MUST reverse this outrageous UNCONSTITUTIONAL ruling!

So I hereby, by Executive Order, instruct the Attorney General that this ruling WILL NOT BE ENFORCED! I ask the Congress to step into the breach of this conflict between equal defenders of the Constitution, and determine once and for all… Do the courts have veto power over the will of the people? If so, we are NOT a republic but are ruled by a dictatorship of black robes!”

Let the chips fall where they may! We clearly need a second “revolution” to put the courts back into their Constitutional intended position. A “crisis” as laid out above may be the only way to accomplish that goal… And as with all revolutions, there is an element of risk involved!!! We are only slaves if we choose to be!!!

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