Note to Catholics and Other People of Faith...

President Obama has a slightly different interpretation of Exodus 20:3, first of the Ten Commandments, he has now clarified his policy:

When a despot (Obama) declares one “right” (too choose to kill your offspring) to be SUPERIOR to another right (worship and conscience, as per First Amendment)… we soon will learn we have NO RIGHTS at all! Obama’s actions are tantamount to “establishing religion” as worship of government above all other is demanded and forced through Federal coercion! This is not just unconstitutional, it is ANTI-Constitutional! BIG LIB, media and Obama have convinced far too many brain-dead Americans, tyranny is a government benefit!!! We hope this is a “blunder” but I speculate Obama’s calculation (IMHO) is that enough Americans have drank the Liberal Kool-Aide, that he can get away with this tyranny. With despot "gods"(think North Korean since of "god")like our president, us "common folk" cannot be trusted with liberty.. so it must be carefully rationed. BIG Obama GUBMINT will tell us how much freedom of faith (and everything) we "lessers" can exercise!

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