Bernie tells all... sell your Sacred Liberty Birthright" for his "red pottage".

Bernie promises to give all a  $15 minimum wage job! How exciting!!!

Freedom is slavery!

To “survive” you must sell you sacred Liberty Birthright for Bernie's promises of "red pottage"! In reality little more than a rationed subsistence.

Every wonder why ALL "news" from (misnamed) "progressives" and their media, seeks to depress and demoralize. From Global Warming (Climate Change on cold days) to "white privilege", "racism"... "we all gonna die" in economic ruin.

For Socialism to metastasize the populace MUST be kept in the “Ds”… demoralized, depressed, disarmed and in despair. The must be NO HOPE but that the socialist comes to the rescue. Religion is hope, it must be suppressed, free markets are hope, must be destroyed, free speech is hope, must be curtailed! There must no “solution” but the all-nanny, all the time sacred State… you shall have “no other gods before them”!

NY Post: Bernie's jobs for all plan can't possibly work

Bernie's plan can work... to destroy the Republic, and create a totalitarian state...
which IS THE PLAN.



James Comey and Robert Mueller… "friends" of Trump? #RustyIrony!

James Comey and Robert Mueller… "friends" of Trump?

In today’s #RustyIrony… the whining of James Comey and the “investigation” of Special Counsel Robert “Grand Inquisitor” Mueller has uncovered lotsa collusion… in the FBI, DOJ  and even Russia... but for Hillary... against Trump.  In the near insanity of the all-out pursuit to reverse the 2016 election, the brazen double standard and corruption (aka: phony "Russian" dossier) of once respected Federal institutions has been laid BARE... for ALL who care to see! In spite of the best efforts of Leftnoid Media to maintain outrage at President Trump… Mueller has (inadvertently?) exposed the dirty cops and sewage of the Deep State and the incestuous partisan relationship with their Media enablers.

Such is the true outrage for those of us in the “Deplorable” class.  LeftMedia and our self-appointed “betters” show us they have absolute contempt for the Constitution, the Judeo-Christian foundations of our Republic and ALL we value as good and Godly.  As Mark Steyn observed of the “Swamp”… “they have decided it’s time for government to ‘elect’ new voters” (aka: open borders and sanctuary states and cities).   

The more Mueller pursues Trump and his associates, the more it seems a persecution not a prosecution.  Sadly, those of the Left seem fine with tyranny... just as long as their tyrants rule!




When one speaks of “a well regulated militia”.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." - 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

The one big difference between the militia of the 2nd Amendment and a professional army is the militia is not made up of full-time professional soldiers.  Such soldiers could be used against the people as King George had used his mercenaries and Redcoats.  Members of the militia would be less likely to turn on their neighbors and fellow citizens. Such was the wisdom of the Founders.

Who are the militia?  The 2nd Amendment also states “the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."  Who are the “people” in this phrase? You maybe? Also if guns of the "people" are outlawed and the 2nd Amendment interpreted away or repealed… it would require force (or threat thereof) against "the people" to disarm them. Is that the very thing the 2nd Amendment and the militia was to prevent?  Where would “such men be less likely to turn on the population” be in this scenario?

To forcibly confiscate millions of weapons and ammo from possibly resistant citizens… could require much “gun violence” with many possible dead, wounded, imprisoned.  A possible carnage… all to end the “epidemic of gun violence” #RustyIrony. The very thing the militias were created to prevent per Founders would have to happen in a LARGE way!  As there were no repeating guns in 1791, there also was no National Guard… Militias were STATE regulated, not part of the Federal government. It took a declaration of war to nationalize these militias.  The Navy was the only Federal military force.



A Bit late date wise but he saw it coming!

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