Obamacare Exchanges... how it's working out.


Debt limit? What debt limit???



The Thunderdome/ancient Rome political conflict resolution model

We know those who make their BigBux from Fed government... see the shutdown as disaster/Armageddon cubed! We common folk notso much. Such is why politicos and media seek to ferment panic and fear! All over media there's "we all gonna die" end of the world scenarios 24/7!  All the GOP’s fault of course!

The Thunderdome/ancient Rome political conflict resolution model: Quarreling politicians (you know they often accuse each other of wanting to kill children and old folks), will be clad in loin cloths, given swords and placed in the arena... for mortal (= to the death) gladiator combat. What a reality show!!! Ratings in the stratosphere and a whole new twist on the idea of "term limits"! I can see it now Michelle Bachmann vs Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid vs Ted Cruz (Winner gets an Obamacare waiver as they seem HIGHLY PRIZED!).
Top card bout in PRIME TIME!... Obama vs Sarah!  Pay per view of course with proceeds to the national debt ($17 trill and counting!)... gridlock no more! In the event no mortal blow is delivered in the fight and the victorious pol stands over their vanquished foe... they can look into the coliseum where the "death panel" scoreboard is located.. there the count will be revealed, a tally of votes of 900 pay call/text numbers (yep even more revenue), where the people can call in and be the "death panels".  After fifteen minutes the votes are counted and posted on the jumbotron… and the fate of the defeated determined! Thumbs UP or DOWN.  
Gotta be better than what we have now!



Obamacare... the Anti-Health plan.

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