Obama Economic Success Story He Won't Brag On?



Re: Spread the Wealth!

History has proven many times,
those who advocate the “Serpent”
promise of "spread the wealth"
overwhelmingly spread it to
themselves FIRST and foremost!
Those poor DemWits that think
they are getting something
for nothing, too late realize
they got nothing for something!
(mere crumbs in exchange
for their birthright of liberty).



Hail Obama Khan? (The Conquerer!)

To gain converts the early Christians (and today’s) must seek to convince… convince the nonbeliver that to submit to Jesus Christ is best. Brute force was tried in the Middle Ages, but history proves it had lousy results. Today the Muslims (at least the ones that make news) seek not to convince but to conquer… (back to the “conversion” by force thing). The problem with conquering is those under your rule must be always watched and occupied, less they rebel! Such is expensive, a HUGE user of available resources. Maybe his conquer angle is a result of Obama’s early Muslim upbringing as a child in Indonesia?

On to politics, Ronald Reagan sought not to conquer but to convince Americans that free enterprise and liberty were best… he was rewarded with a 49-state landslide in 1984. In contrast, President Obama since taking office, has made little effort to convince those not already in his camp. He used the large majorities in Congress to “conquer” (it took lotsa arm-twisitng and back room deals to even get his fellow Democrats on-board). His “signature” ObamaCare cost MUCH “political capital” and is legislation that more than half of America doesn’t want!  With many states and citizens now near rebellion he must now use HUGE resources to enforce his will upon us…like 15,000 more IRS agent perhaps? (few if any doctors are provided in ObamaCare)… now HUGE resources must be expended to be sure we (the conquered half of the country) submit to his tyranny. Obama supporters even use the terms of force and counquering… “Occupy Movement”. Such will be “Decision 2012”.  

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