BCS Stress... or The RedNeckoBlogger weighs in on important issues of the day, 2009-10!

I did this a few years back... time for an update:

The terrorist threat is always with us, recession and high unemployment shows no signs of reversing… the mortgage crisis has much of the market “under water” … enough of the trivial stuff!

What are we gonna do about the BCS mess? What worthy college football team(s) are gonna be left on the sidelines when the top two BCS teams play for the glass football in January? Everybody has a “better” plan… including the RedNeckoBlogger!
First: "tweak" the regular season
Change regular scheduled season to ten games … to end the weekend before Thanksgiving. If not selected for the playoffs, a school can be invited to a smaller bowl game, or schedule a extra game (or two) with an opponent not normally on the schedule… a coupla 0-10 clubs could schedule a game with each other so SOMEBODY could WIN a game!

Number Two: Selection process
Champions of the five FBS playoff conferences would gain auto berths in the national championship tournament… champions from the six non-playoff conferences would have “challenge” games with other non-playoff conferences, winner getting auto berths. That gives 8 teams, 16 at large schools would be selected from remaining worthies… still subject to controversy of course, but no more than now. They play each other leaving the winners to fill the 16-team bracket. These games would be the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Third: Selected schools will be seeded by a BCS Process
For the first two rounds home field advantage will be based on these seedings, and played the first two weeks of December. I would suggest beginning with the semi-finals (final four) these games be venued in the traditional big bowl format , January 1. Other January 1, games could select teams losing in the first rounds… we love football so a coupla consolation matchups would fill the rest of the big bowl new year’s day requirements.

The Big Game:
Will be played the "weekend after the weekend" of January 1, for 2010 it would be Saturday the 9th… in prime time, of course… this still, would make a 15-game season for finalists… a lot, but many with conference playoffs and bowls, already play 14 and the FCS schools have been doing this for years, and it works for them. Can we could start next season?



Freedom on Ice?!

I have often stated that the biggest lie ever fostered on the human race is the screwball and totally speculative Darwin “theory” of evolution… its main purpose to separate the human race from their creator! Now we have big lie #2, not far behind lie #1… human caused “Global Warming” …er… or "Climate Change" (in case things don’t warm). Like evolution, when the proponents are challenged with holes in their assertions… we get condescension, name calling and attempts to silence and even outlaw all opposition… and there are plenty of scientists who question these climate change disaster assertions, you just don't hear about them in the media.

One of very by-products of life itself CO2... is now a pollutant. How many times has the climate in earth’s history changed? How many times has humankind caused it? It could be it's just happening again, on its on!

Could it be that what we have here is the 21st Century version of the pagan explanation that our mishaps are a result of “angry gods”? In the past thousands of years earthquakes, storms and other assorted catastrophes have required sacrifices of virgins, children and other unfortunate folks to appease the angry gods! Note that the high priests and shamans demanding these “necessary” sacrifices rarely were it victims.

Now we have Al Gore (poster child) and other self-appointed Chicken Littles and most of the media, just like the pagan shamans of old, demanding essentially the same thing… sacrificing freedoms and standard of living to appease Momma Earth. Some like looney-tune billionare Ted Turner are demanding we reduce earth’s population… (but not him) how does he plan for that to be achieved? (can you say Holocaust #2).

Note that the high priests and shamans demanding these “necessary” sacrifices like those of old, do not plan to do much sacrificing themselves (i.e. Al Gore's infamous utility bill).

One wonders… Why do most all the political "elite" class (sadly 'D' and 'R' alike) jump on board with this fraud?

Could it be… only a huge government, more and more totalitarian, can "solve" this "problem".

One thing for sure! to solve a phony "crisis" our REAL freedom will enter a permanent ice age! Buyer beware!!!



Master Snake Oil salesman

Fine print: This of course for you... me and Congress of course... are exempt!



You will be like G-d...(sorta)

Web Definitions:
Sovereignty is the exclusive right to exercise supreme
authority over a geographic region, group of people,
or oneself.

In our relationship with G-d our souls, our “personhood” are spiritually
sovereign, authough sadly, our bodies may often be held captive and worse by the other sovereign souls, with whom we share the planet. (see blog on “Who Created Evil”)

Genesis 3:5 "For G-d knows that in the day you eat of
it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like G-d,
knowing good and evil."

Sovereignty is one of the consequences of this encounter in the garden with Mr. Serpent (aka: Satan). Adam and Eve got part of what he offered. They (and we their subsequent generations) became “like G-d” in the sense that we became sovereign souls, knowing and responsible for good and evil. This changed the relationship with G-d, Adam and Eve's (our) eyes were opened and they lost the reflected glow of G-d’s glory and protection (the realizing they were naked thing). We all know the story, in G-d’s next appearance in the garden Adam and Eve fled His presence ("I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.". Gen. 3:10).

Adam and Eve (and as a result we) could no longer reside in the Garden
of Eden, G-d essentially told to them they had to go and make their own garden, but He made provision for them:
Gen 3:21 Also for Adam and his wife
the Lord G-d made tunics of skin, and clothed them.

In Genesis 3:22-23, G-d proclaims the spiritual
sovereignty of man: “22 Then the Lord G-d said,
"Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know
good and evil. And now, lest he put out his hand and
take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live
forever" 23 therefore the Lord G-d sent him out of
the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he
was taken.”

Human history with all its drama had begun.

But G-d was not about to let serpent Satan destroy His creation... Jesus came to earth to die the atoning death to reconcile G-d and Humankind. But there's a catch: one must willingly accept this reconciliation. The non-Christian loves to bellow: “Who are you to say Jesus the only way?”. Well, first, I didn’t say it, Jesus did (John 14:6) so He’s either lying are telling the truth!

Your soul is sovereign, G-d will NOT violate your personhood, He has too much respect for you to make decisions for you! That’s why you must choose to subjugate your sovereignty to G-d’s before you can take Jesus as savior. While lost sinners who stubbornly refuse salvation break G-d’s heart, He WILL NOT violate their sovereign souls and force salvation upon them. That is why those who say “I am a good person, why would G-d send me to hell?” are so clueless! G-d does not choose for you to go to hell… YOU DO when you refuse Christ's offer of salvation! G-d has too much respect for your sovereignty to violate it, even if hell results.

Eternity lies ahead, my friend
. . . The future's not ours to tell
Don't put your faith in earthly treasures
for they can't buy your soul from hell.

If you don't call upon the Savior
and ask Him for His wonderful grace
You'll be trapped in the devil's dungeon
lost in the dark and evil place.



Just Say NO To PC!!!

"Political Correctness" (aka: PC) is tyranny! It attempts to intimidate and control what we say and ultimately what we think, a deadly toxin which kills... sometimes slowly (like tobacco) and sometimes quickly with ignored warnings, as in the incident at Fort Hood. PC fear of "offending" Islam* directly allowed a terrorist attack. Either way PC kills! Freedom and people! Sadly, it "infects" much of the media, most of academia and a large part of our political institutions! Pray our leaders will show courage and be “cured” from the awful PC "pathogen"!

* Islam is a "protected" PC religion... as are most that are non Judeo-Christian... others are Evolution, "Climate Change"... and all things pagan! Go figure???



Justice in NYC for Gitmo...

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