Politician Promises???

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Redistribution of Wealth... in all "Fairness"



If what what ya doin' ain't workin' QUIT DOIN' IT!

An idea... Give Congress members $10,000,000 a year salary... BUT they MUST forfeit $1 of that amount for every dollar they add to federal spending... and they get 10 cents more salary for every dollar they cut, and $1,000 extra a day for every day in recess. It's worth a try IMO.



In First Big Game... Tea Party Routed by Obama and DC inside Beltway GOPers - 2,400,000,000,000 to Zero!!

The "Great Debt Compromise of 2011"! This "compromise" is in fact "unconditional surrender" to Obama and the big spenders in both parties! We now get more spending, more debt, more recession... and phony "promised cuts"... thanx (establishment) GOP! It was like your high school team playing the Green Bay Packers, you had no chance (this time)!

Learn from this Tea Party folks, you must gain experience in the "skill positions" improve your poor blocking and tackling that allowed you to be out maneuvered this time by Speaker Boehner and his fellow DC insiders (Republicans and Democrats...yea I know, he's 'sposed to be on your team...he's NOT!). DON'T let it happen again!!! Learn you DON'T HAVE TO PLAY ANYMORE GAMES IN THE BELTWAY BALLPARK! Doing nothing would have been better than this godawful "compromise"!!! $2.4 TRILLION more in the hole, phantom cuts, REAL tax increases, more strangling of the private sector and individual liberty! Take this defeat as a bitter lesson and it may actually reap a small benefit! Don't make the same mistake again!

Remember, fool me once shame on you (Boehner, beltway GOP) fool me twice shame on me (Tea Party members)! Speaker Boehner is NOT a Tea Party friend! We do have two "parties" in this country... big spender GOP(RINOs)/Democrats and their dependency class is one... Tea Party and hard workng Americans are the other! Practice hard and better luck in the next game! Do not depair at this first setback... We love ya!



Bumper Sticker Truth for Today!!!

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