Champagne socialism... Limousine and Private Jet Liberals?

Bernie Sanders (champion of the "downtrodden", the climate, wannabe punisher of the successful and "free stuff" Santa Claus) charted a Boeing 767 jet for his overnight trip to Rome to see fellow socialist Pope Francis. According to the Daily Mail... that requires approx 33,192 gallons of fuel for the round trip. 50 or so passengers made the trip with Bern (767 capacity is 250 or so).

Comparison to me: calculations of driving patterns based on my two vehicles (one a dreaded eeeveel SUV!), my wife and I "Bern" about 25 gallons of fuel a week. Based on our total fuel use, my wife and I must drive near 25 YEARS to use as much gas as the Bern did on his flight...or... if you calculate using passenger miles (33,192/50 = 663.84 gallons per person)... we must drive six months to equal fuel consumed by each passenger on Bernie’s trip. How much CO2 does 33, 192 gallons of jet fuel add to the air in 16 hours of flight time? (lots)?   One asks… do those who demand we surrender our liberty and prosperity to "save the Earth"... even believe it themselves? Does Bernie's Rome trip (and apparent disregard for CO2) make him a tacit "denier" of "Global Warming"? (aka: Climate change on cold days).  This is addition to many Global Warming (Climate change on cold days) activist who flew private jets to the Paris "Climate Change" summit recently (do as I say, not as I do)... to stay in luxury resorts while they demand we “ordinaries” reduce our lifestyles too little than a top-down, “trickle down” rationed subsistence. 

Which brings up this observation: Liberals in a way can’t be hypocrites… as to them hypocrisy is just another tool in their toolbox to advance their agenda of tyranny. They also know the media will cover up for them. Same is with “truth”… to (misnamed) “progressives” ANYTHING that advances the agenda is “truth”. So Hillary/Bernie/Obama and all of them can say one thing one minute and the EXACT OPPOSITE the next minute and if their agenda is advanced BOTH statements are “true”!



We can't Deport 11 Million Illegals... ("Progressive" policy of surrender and failure).

With all (misnamed) “progressives” surrender and failure actually seems to be the preferred policy, be it illegal immigration (we can’t deport the millions deliberately let in), war (why do they hate us?) or economy (the “new” normal of high unemployment and permanent recession). Way back in 1941, what if FDR argued "we can't dislodge millions of German and Japanese from Europe and Asia... so what's your plan?"
The policy of open borders is not an accident... it was done by the political class to DESTROY the value of American citizenship (its working!). Citizens are forced to buy ObamaCare, illegals get "free" care... we're being invaded by waves of people who see only a "free ride"... because that's what they're promised by (misnamed) "progressives"… they are not in any way encouraged by the liberals to assimilate, learn English or join the American culture (truth is they are DISCOURAGED from doing so!). Law and its enforcement is now "racist" and "bigotry"... but only non-citizens and selected groups (those that create chaos on demand) get such an exemption. So many of our fellow Americans seem to be willing to join the national suicide cult... why?




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