Media: where bad behavior is ALWAYS rewarded!

From Charlie Sheen, to Lindsey Lohan to nitwit "preacher" Terry Jones (Quran burner)… the media and popular culture always reward bad behavior. And we all know what’s rewarded you get more of, what's punished you get less of.

With the case of “Pastor” Jones there appears to be strange symbiotic relationship with him and the radical Islamists. He gains (lotsa) publicity for his miniscule congregation through a deliberately provocative outrageous act of burning a competing religion’s holy book, and the Islamists get a fine good excuse to commit ever more murder and mayhem. T'is interesting in today’s world how many groups are excited and anxious to get outraged and offended. They live for it, and are disappointed if it doesn’t happen. However, in the case of Islamists, they commit murder and mayhem anyway, but like it better when a numbskull Florida pastor accommodates them by giving them reason to do their “great Satan” thing yet again (boring!). But the REAL winners are the insatiable for bad behavior media (Fox included)… always cultivating outrage, anger, envy and any other human failures that gain the coveted ratings! Could one even argue without an eager beaver anxious media, desiring to accommodate any and all bad behavior (such as: Islamists, Gays, and the myriad of various favored minorities)… could such organizations even exist, much less thrive? What would Hollywood bad boys/girls do for fun? We probably will NEVER know!

God help us! Save us from those who claim to be your people, but demand we submit to THEM instead of you! Save us O Lord, from a media that loves chaos, conflict and disaster! And if there isn't any will work to create some... Amen!

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