The Only State Sanctioned Private Sector Violence (Donald Trump was setup... but he shoulda known that)

The nation state historically demands a monopoly on violence and homicide… what’s illegal for the common citizen, is often OK for the government. Wars, executions, police violence against citizens, collection of taxes under threat of prosecution, imprisonment, forced labor and other acts of coercion (aka: laws) are exclusively reserved only for officials of the nation state. In the U.S.A., not since slavery has the private individual been given legal sanction to commit violence against fellow humans… outside of very few exceptions (self-defense… but even that is not universal).  The lone modern example is abortion on demand… as was with slavery, the state has sanctioned private sector and citizen violence/homicide against a class of fellow humans (the yet to be born).  In fact it has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with legions of lawyers/lobbyists/media and a political party to guard against any proposed prohibitions.

So when Donald Trump or any other politician is asked "if abortion ever again becomes illegal, who gets punished?"… he(she) best not answer.  It was of course, a media setup… and Trump ill-advisedly took the bait, giving an honest answer... that things declared illegal when violated, have by definition proscribed punishments (honesty, sadly, is NO LONGER a political virtue).  The woman’s “right to choose” to have her progeny “executed” without trial or appeal is the only current case of private sector state sanctioned violence.  I suspect “mercy” killing of the sick and old could be soon to follow. 



"Hope and Change" can come to Cuba!!!

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