Is the Year 2011 Unconstitutional?

In but the latest chapter of a 20-year "soap opera" with the defenders of all things anti-sacred (ACLU), the federal court (9th U.S. Circus of Appeals, San Francisco) has ruled the long standing Mount Soledad Cross (in San Diego... standing since 1913) is religion thus unconstitutional and must be removed. IMHO this must only be the beginning of our pursuit of NEVER offending the "professionally offended" (you know who you are)!

In our constant effort to not be insensitive, we MUST now seriously consider the banning of the year 2011, and all years before and after! 2011 has a obvious and brazen Christian origin, all of which is very offensive to the “professional offended people” among us (represented by the ACLU). I expect them to soon petition the 9th Circus Court to overturn as unconstitutional the year 2011. Even the recent substitution of BCE/CE for BC/AD is not suffice, as the origins are the same (birth of Jesus Christ - main man of the dreaded and hated "Christians"... enemies of Holy Diversity).

So it must be done! I suggest after overturning 2011, the judges of the 9th Circus, order a committee formed to decide if we should substitute the year 15,000,000,000 ABB (after Big Bang, based on speculation as to the age of our universe) or possibly declare the year 2 ABE (After Barak Elected with all prior years now referred to as BM-Before Messiah... in that He is the true messiah of "progressives" and the professionally offended).

We can no longer tolerate the brazen and insensitive use of the year 2011, or any subsequent or past reference. For as with speech, gun rights, etc (in "progressive" world)… we must control the actions and freedoms of ALL by the actions and standards of the lowest most depraved among us!



They Burn Witches Don't They? (Sarah Palin Witch Trial 2011)

"Vanity" column by matt1234 on freerepublic.com ... Reposted here cause it's so damn right-on and worthy of its own blog! (In RedNeckoBlogger HO).

The best metaphor for the left’s latest attack on Sarah Palin might be the witch trials preceding the Enlightenment. Most of us believe that a modern society would never tolerate the kind of unfounded and unreasonable allegations brought during witch trials. That is probably true. However, recent events suggest that some of our countrymen not only purport to believe in witches but would also like to destroy them.

Prior to the Enlightenment, witchcraft charges typically followed a malady or tragedy in a community, causing its members to rashly seek a cause. The rashness of this search was frequently accompanied by hysteria and a wolfpack mentality. After Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a crazed, would-be assassin named Jared Loughner on January 8, 2011, leftwing politicians and pundits immediately began blaming Palin because of a map on the SarahPAC website. (On that map, Congresswoman Gifford’s district is marked by a symbol resembling a target, suggesting that Republicans should aim to retake her district.) One after the other leftwinger repeated the allegations with little or no hesitation.

The hallmark of witchcraft charges is their baseless nature with respect to facts and reason. For example, witches were often accused of attacking their victims by casting spells. Today, most of us know that spells cannot cause illness or calamity because there is no provable cause-and-effect. However, the accusers of Sarah Palin never bothered to consider cause-and-effect. Absolutely no evidence has emerged that Loughner was exposed to the map on the SarahPAC website. Hence, there is no known causation that links the map to Loughner’s actions. If Loughner had no knowledge of the map, how could it have motivated him to attack Giffords?

Persons accused of witchcraft were usually women or newcomers to the community. They often lived in outlying areas or outside the bounds of conventional society. As such, they were easy marks for the members of the civil establishment who typically leveled the formal charges. Consistent with these historical trends, Sarah Palin is unquestionably female; and, she is a relative newcomer to our national “community.” She also lives in a remote region and embraces “outmoded” methods of self-sufficiency such as hunting. So, the establishment media and body politic may consider her easy prey for baseless charges. Compared to other presidential prospects, Palin has relatively few connections to the elite in the media and government. The accusers seem to have assumed that few among the elite will stand in her defense, especially given the mounting charges.

Oftentimes, the accusers of witches did not actually believe the charges they made. Rather, the charges were leveled solely to satisfy a grudge or vendetta against the accused. In short, the charges were lies intended to harm. Sometimes, the charges were meant to hide or distract from crimes or problems in the community. After Congresswoman Giffords was shot, many in the leftwing establishment blamed Palin despite the obvious absurdity of the charge. Are we to conclude that all of these accusers really believed what they were saying? Or did they have ulterior motives? Is it a coincidence that these most recent allegations were made by the same people who have attacked Palin in the past?

In the past, witch trials were tolerated by the public largely due to their ignorance, fear and conformity. Many witch trials produced guilty verdicts because of the undemocratic and heavy-handed ways in which they were prosecuted. Here, the similarities with the past end. The Enlightenment arrived some time ago, and it has changed the way we think and behave. We are no longer governed chiefly by superstition and the blind acceptance of assertions by our social betters. If someone makes a claim, he is expected to produce facts to support it. We are free to choose our leaders, and our laws prevent them from cowing us into submission.

Some in the elite establishment may think us fools who will blindly dance to their tune. But if they expect us to dance around a burning witch, they had better think again.



Surprise (but it's no surprise)... Leftnuts blame Palin/Tea Party but not the madman that pulled the trigger!

Based on the reaction of the LSM (Looney Stream Media)... I can only conclude the shooter, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner... is more sane than the NutLeft pundits trying to blame Sarah Palin and Tea Party!

This madness and nitwittery is now the norm on the Left! As Conservatives, we on every level cannot allow the insane Left media, etc. to spew their hatred and braindead accusations unchallenged! Get in their faces at every opportunity and call them DAMN LIARS! loud and often!!! You cannot accept their accusations as reasonable! Ask them back "Obama needed an 'Oklahoma City' Katie... Was this an inside job?"

Maybe we should be our own version of "truthers" and start yelling it was an "inside job"... (ala: Bush knew about 9-11). His own media supporters (Mark Penn) have recently lamented Obama needs a "9-11/Oklahoma City", and now (surprise???) he has one. (Was a minor sometime wayward moderate Democrat sacrificed for the greater good of Obama?)

Since truth is the last desire of the "truther", I see no reason why we shouldn't play the "racing to be wrong" game too?






Everybody Gets Rich except Those who Produce the Wealth?

College athletics (IMHO) is the ultimate testimony to liberal plantation greed! Like an antebellum southern plantation, lotsa folks make big buck$, EXCEPT the producers/workers (players). Sure they get their tuition and living expenses paid, (so did the slaves) but the coaches, administrators, TV networks, etc... get million$! Now we learn five Ohio State players, heroes of salvaging a bit of Big Ten pride in the Sugar Bowl (31-26 over Arkansas of the nemesis SEC)… are suspended for five 2011 games for doing what the coaches and university bigshots do everyday, with NO problem… selling their stuff and making a bit of money! (as few college players go on to get huge pro contracts). OK... I might suspend them for a coupla plays or make 'em run extra laps... for being stupid enough to think marking their bodies with tattoos is cool, but that's it!

Like most liberal policies, the NCAA’s rules are NOT (and never is) for the benefit of the ones claimed (players)! Is it time for some “reform” (fave liberal word!)… so that student athletes can at least be compensated a bit (like sell their own stuff!) , and still be short of “professional”? Maybe be paid a stipend for the many strenuous hours they must commit (and risk injury) to be a part of a winning team… which makes gazillion$ for old OSU! (and others). As a young student I had a part time job working in the school cafeteria to make a few bucks… nobody accused me of violating any sacred rules! Also most athletes spend so much time in their sports and school (we hope) that there is little time for a part-time job. Many student athletes, come form humble backgrounds and don't enough pocket cash to buy a pizza for their date! But like most liberals, NCAA types are opposed to ANY real solutions that interfere with their sense of superiority and the "bubble" world in which they reside! They would rather sanctimoniously go after schools with "Native American" team names than DO anything truly worthwhile! Go figure?



Last Gasp of Dying Socialism... Brazen Larceny!

Our "progressives" pals in Europe new plan to stave financial ruin is to steal! Soon to come to USA? As European governments have now decided all your hard-earned pensions aren't yours! The fiscal policy of our modern "progressives" (aka: Socialists/Fascists) can be compared to a "diet" by where gangsta "protection racket" government takes food out of your mouth to give it to the morbidly obese 1,000 pound man! All must "sacrifice" except government and their cadre of "professional voters" (unions and other dependent types!)... as was said before, they are violating the first rule of the parasite: Don't kill you host! Newsflash: After you kill your host you DIE too! All this is not new even in this country... Social Security was raided by LBJ to pay for his "Great Society" which was only great is its' failure! Subsequent D.C. pols in both parties have also used SS as cash cow, the where the cow is now dry and maybe even dead!

Note: Seizing private pensions was proposed by Jesse Jackson and other so-called "progressives" back in the Clinton days. Another note: "Progressives" is ALWAYS in quotes due to the fact there is NEVER any progress when they're in charge... Communism failed, so they became Socialists, Socialism failed, so the became "Liberals"... Liberalism failed, so they morphed into Progressives... Progressivism failed so what's next?

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