Conquer, Convince and/or Compromise

We can conquer, convince and/or compromise... conquering requires occupying the conquered, which can be more costly than the war... (like Iraq and Afghanistan). When you convince you may gain a friend, when you compromise… you may not get all you want, but conflict is mitigated. In most states there are civil unions, domestic partner options, which offer similar benefits to marriage (compromise)... but that victory was NOT enough… to demand use of the "M" word is to conquer. I support civil unions because there no religious offending sexual sanction (I don’t care what they do!). Also it covers what I call the “Aunt Bee” factor… she was a vital part of Andy’s family and IMHO should be able to receive family benefits… but it would NOT ever be called a marriage. Such is a workable compromise… sadly I think the same-sex marriage crowd prefer conquering. Only grief and conflict, bitterness and division (like we see today) can result… and sadly, friends often become adversaries.  Sad!

In defense of Biblical marriage... we are defending not attacking... the full-court press to re-define marriage away from Biblical and millennia tradition, to people of Bible foundation is non-negotiable... so we must be conquered. The conquerer then must "occupy" as we the now subjugated... may always be near rebellion. Such are the bitter lessons of history.  God bless He is risen! 

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