Dreamers 2018

Is perpetual outrage and boilerplate insults, all the Left now has to offer?

Do you know that pink P*ssy hats are now also racist?

When everything is racist, nothing is racist. It becomes a neutered word.  I think it has died from overuse.

In hard cold dispassionate political analysis (if that’s possible)… has Trump now maneuvered the Democrats into an untenable political position? Where he can assert that Democrats care more for “dreamers” than American citizens?  Was that a factor in the loss of many (formally loyal) blue collar Democrats in November 2016?

How it play in “flyover country” that Democrats are ready and anxious to shut down government for ALL Americans for less than a million people, who are not even citizens?

Trump’s a fighter Democrats have yet to prevail, so we get outrage (yawn)... he should announce there will be NO back pay for Federal workers laid off during the shutdown... and that Democrats caused this!

Conventional LibMedia (anti-)”wisdom” always thinks GOP gets blamed for shutdowns... this time I fear Trump has determined this is NOT the case this time!

I believe Trump has enough backbone to even make up for spineless “surrender monkey” Republicans... the question is… are average Americans (minorities included), seeing an improving economy, like Democrats… more concerned about foreigners living illegally in this country, than their own families.  People can be intimidated into silence in public square by bully tactics, but those same folks will be alone in the voting booth.

P.S. who gets to decide what is “essential” government?



After the Bama OT win... one remembers!

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