Thank God (and Mother Earth) for "Fossil Fuels"!

Living "green" is costly! The amount of time and labor it took 100+ years ago before widespread use of "fossil fuels" (green old days), to put food on the table was mucho/mucho times that of today. To compare think of a fast food burger costing $25 or more, and you get the drift of the amount of labor that was involved just to eat! Today (so far)living “green” and “off the grid” are options ONLY for the richest among us... the poor man cannot afford it (yet)! As of now it is VERY expensive to maintain that “morally superior, I’m better than you "green" attitude.

Petroleum and the so-called “fossil fuels” (coal, natural gas, etc.) are among the greatest gifts ever given to the human race by Mother Earth (maybe even God)! They have been used to produce thousands of useful products… motor fuels to medicine to many of the building materials that make our houses homes. There are also used for uncountable other life benefitting miracles we cannot imagine! With the passing of time and the accumulation of knowledge and experience, they also have become more and more “clean” energy.

Most of human history has been a struggle to survive, with the large majority of people barely eaking out a subsistance. The discovery and development of these “fossil fuels” have been a main engine that have fueled (pun intended) our enormous increase in prosperity, over these last 100 years or so! Fact is... they are the keystones of it! What’s one of the biggest reasons for their success? They have been amazingly cheap and efficient for most of our history! Yet one wonders, why do more and more of otherwise seemingly intelligent people now desire to bite this hand that feeds us so well? They bleat on and on about their dreams of “alternatives” as if their Pollyanna dreams will just make it so. So far all these “alternatives” are prohibitively expensive and will be so for the foreseeable future. Wind farms require hundreds of acres to produce a fraction of the energy of the “fossil fuel”… the land costs alone make it not practical. Solar cells take years to recover the cost of their installation… and the suns gotta shine. Otherwise no go!

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