Plantation Nation… The Democrat Plantations!

In 2010's 22nd Florida congressional race, GOP candidate Allen West, (an African-American)… was in a tight race with incumbent Democrat Ron Klein. Mr. West had “foolishly” attempted escape from the Democrat “plantation” and so he must learn the minority vote is OWNED by white liberal Democrats. For this act of disrespect to his “masters” he was punished! His social security number was published by the local Democrats as the first of many “lashes” he must now endure for his “uppity” resistance to his “owners”! There is NO bottom to the depths the statist will go to maintain power! Any minority who participates in any TEA Party or even GOP event is marked for severe “discipline”! Herman Cain learned this recently!

For many decades after the War Between the States, and after the Democrats regained power during reconstruction, blacks were again brutalized and oppressed… no longer slaves but still not free. The segregation model was the centerpiece of southern Democrats and much of the party at large for nearly a century… the sad irony? While things have changed, have they in some ways remained eerily the same? With the advance of the civil rights movement, things started looking up for minorities… and much hope was inspired by the 1964 & 1965 Civil Rights and Voting Acts, championed by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson. Ironically, the most fierce opposition was from fellow Democrats, mostly in the south who remained die-hard segregationists.

As a side-script, one of the most disastrous strategic blunders in American politics was Republican Senator Barry Goldwater’s vote against the 1964 Civil Rights bill… in spite of more (per cent) GOP votes than Democrat when the bill passed! BUT the 1964 GOP Presidential nominee voted NO, and that is what’s remembered! It has tarred, tormented and branded Republicans as anti-minority ever since! The damage done by the lingering residue of Goldwater’s disastrous 1964 vote, cannot be overstated!!!

After the great moral victory of the Civil Rights movement… it almost immediately began to be undone, by the very politicians who championed it! Democrats starting with President Lyndon Johnson, enacted The “Great Society” and “War on Poverty” programs that promised to be the “cure” for poor folks in America. HUGE $UM$ have been expended in the decades since… but the results (whether desired or not… one wonders???) have been catastrophic to minorities and the poor! What has resulted is the “Re-Plantationing” of minorities! Welfare and housing programs have tragically “ warehoused” much of the the poor in public housing ghettos, de-motivated many from pursuing careers, and DESTROYED poor families… essentially by emasculating the men. Public assistance, not fathers provide the “paycheck”… and often only if the father is absent, encouraging all things irresponsible… sexual and otherwise (close to 70% of African-American births are out of wedlock)! These “Welfare Plantations” have become crime and gang dominated, drug infested cesspools of high unemployment and despair! As most are dependent on government handouts… the residents of these modern plantations give 90+% of their votes to the very political machine that imprisons them with one hand, and provides only a rationed subsistence with the other!!! The Democrat party, the party of the plantation (then and now)!
The “plantation” residents are enveloped in a “straitjacket” of welfare culture! In their schools, often in their churches (Rev. Wright comes to mind), by their supposed “leaders” (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.) and mostly in their popular culture (gangta rap, etc.), twisted as it seems, to break out is often seen to be “disloyal”! Most all of the big cities are run by Democrat political machines… who work to keep the plantation intact, the people dependent and ALWAYS in an uproar! (Example: constant and totally phony accusations of racial epithets by the “tea baggers” )

This is VERY convenient for the Democrat politicians, they KNOW where their voters are, and routinely round them up come election day... those who are uncooperative (as in the old days) and aspire to independence are “disciplined” by being accused of “acting white” (often used for good school grades) and not being “down for the struggle”. “Escapees” (such as Supreme Court associate Justice Clarence Thomas, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice) and now Mr. West are savaged as “disloyal to their race” or “Uncle Toms” etc. by “overseers” who are often politicians, celebrities and “leaders” of their own race! Recall the reaction to recent comments critical of black culture by Bill Cosby… Justice Thomas expressed it best when at his confirmation hearings he referred to a “high-tech lynching” for an “uppity n*gg*r”!

The message to minorities for decades has been, escaping the modern liberal plantation is nearly as hazardous as running away from the antebellum ones of long ago! For too many of our minority citizens, trapped in these liberal plantations... they are still... no longer slaves but still not free.

Looks like you know the history... Truth is ugly...
The very term African-American (invented by liberals) is what’s racist, as it tells Americans who have dark skin, they are different… NOT real Americans, but African. Yes these Americans of dark complexion are informed they are “OWNED” by white liberal Democrats and will vote as commanded, and this is strictly enforced!!!
We were Negroes, then Blacks, then Afro-Americans, back to Blacks on the African-Americans. White liberal strategy is to ALWAYS keep us off balance and never knowing we are also full free USA citizens. Sad!
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