We can't Deport 11 Million Illegals... ("Progressive" policy of surrender and failure).

With all (misnamed) “progressives” surrender and failure actually seems to be the preferred policy, be it illegal immigration (we can’t deport the millions deliberately let in), war (why do they hate us?) or economy (the “new” normal of high unemployment and permanent recession). Way back in 1941, what if FDR argued "we can't dislodge millions of German and Japanese from Europe and Asia... so what's your plan?"
The policy of open borders is not an accident... it was done by the political class to DESTROY the value of American citizenship (its working!). Citizens are forced to buy ObamaCare, illegals get "free" care... we're being invaded by waves of people who see only a "free ride"... because that's what they're promised by (misnamed) "progressives"… they are not in any way encouraged by the liberals to assimilate, learn English or join the American culture (truth is they are DISCOURAGED from doing so!). Law and its enforcement is now "racist" and "bigotry"... but only non-citizens and selected groups (those that create chaos on demand) get such an exemption. So many of our fellow Americans seem to be willing to join the national suicide cult... why?




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