James Comey and Robert Mueller… "friends" of Trump? #RustyIrony!

James Comey and Robert Mueller… "friends" of Trump?

In today’s #RustyIrony… the whining of James Comey and the “investigation” of Special Counsel Robert “Grand Inquisitor” Mueller has uncovered lotsa collusion… in the FBI, DOJ  and even Russia... but for Hillary... against Trump.  In the near insanity of the all-out pursuit to reverse the 2016 election, the brazen double standard and corruption (aka: phony "Russian" dossier) of once respected Federal institutions has been laid BARE... for ALL who care to see! In spite of the best efforts of Leftnoid Media to maintain outrage at President Trump… Mueller has (inadvertently?) exposed the dirty cops and sewage of the Deep State and the incestuous partisan relationship with their Media enablers.

Such is the true outrage for those of us in the “Deplorable” class.  LeftMedia and our self-appointed “betters” show us they have absolute contempt for the Constitution, the Judeo-Christian foundations of our Republic and ALL we value as good and Godly.  As Mark Steyn observed of the “Swamp”… “they have decided it’s time for government to ‘elect’ new voters” (aka: open borders and sanctuary states and cities).   

The more Mueller pursues Trump and his associates, the more it seems a persecution not a prosecution.  Sadly, those of the Left seem fine with tyranny... just as long as their tyrants rule!


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