Tis the Season... Media (again) goes Looking for the "Real" Jesus

As the Holy Week leading to Easter approaches, the media types once again go searching for the "real" Jesus. The usual "suspects" ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN (et. al.) trot out "news" that tell us once more the "real" Jesus is NOT the Jesus in the New Testament... (the Savior that died for our sins and was resurrected.) NOPE! The real guy (choose one or more) was: the bastard son of a Roman soldier (maybe even gay), nuts... a fanatic among many of the day... and most definately DID NOT rise from the dead... yada, yada, yada. I suspect the late Peter Jennings, who some years back hosted one of the most virulent anti-Christian “specials” on the “real” Jesus… now knows different!

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The Main Stream Media is one of the most Hate filled enemies the Kingdom of God Has without a doubt. Thank the Lord the Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church.
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