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The Supreme Court’s ruling, Citizen United v. Federal Elections Commission… is most notable in how it really PO’d the hard core liberals, “Progressives” and Statists (most politicians, media, etc., are in a RAGE!!!!)… as we hear rants against this overturing of "precedent"! The "precedent" overturned is a lotta (totally anti-free speech) "Incumbent Protection" acts passed over the last 100 years or so... so it HAS to be good!

Social Security and Medicare are often held up as government successes... they are popular (with the recipients) as are most OPM (Other People’s Money) programs… BUT they are going broke just like ANY Ponzi scam eventually does! Then we get a 2,000+ page “Healthcare Reform” (Orwellian isn’t it!) ... thankfully the folks appear to be catching on (we hope)!

The bottom line is ALWAYS the bottom line... CO$T. Cost rations care, be it insurance company of government. You can fight, and maybe win, with the insurance company... good luck fighting the government! When socialized medicine "infects" the country, then faceless government WILL get between you and you doctor... "they" are gonna determine your care based on your “worth” to society… are you young enough, healthy enough, skilled enough to “contribute” to the “public good” if not… here’s some pain pills (maybe). How is that any different than a Antebellum plantation owner deciding if an injured slave is worth saving? Or just shoot ‘em and put ‘em outta their (and my) misery!

Things I shoulda done... I dunno if I coulda, but I wish I wouda... copyrighted the
F-(bomb) word years back. Two good things coulda happened, every time Hollywood wanted to use it, they would hafta pay me... (could run into the gazillion$). Or, to avoid payment they wouldn’t use the word, and I could take my kids to the movies more often. Bummer, I didn’t think of it sooner!

And finally... Nothing pushes the heathen buttons like dissing the sacred Darwin... there are lots more Evo-skeptics in the scientific realm than you may know about... one of the most hated is Lehigh professor Dr. Michael Behe (Darwin’s Black Box): "When treated with even the mildest skepticism, the mighty Darwinian citadel fades into a Potemkin village. No wonder that the National Academy books no discussion of the theory's premises; premises are just about all it's got." Damn!!! Truth hurts, the evolution emperor is buck naked!


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