Hell to the Chief!

Don’t need to waste much cyber-ink on this but… What I heard from his SOTU speech was Pres Obama essentially telling me and the American people... "I know best! So sit yer sorryazz down shut-up, open yer wallet and buzz off!" ...and, of course (insert here:) "It’s all Bush’s fault".

After blaming every conceivable problem and mishap on the previous administration, and taking credit for “saving” us with His wonderful gazzilion dollar $timuula$ (His claim of "miyons" of jobs "saved" are almost ALL in the guvmint & union sector). He then began a harangue of His usual hyper-left drivel, including an unprecedented chastisement of the Supreme Court justices who dared defy tyranny and re-establish the First Amendment! (free speech is so quaint… SOOO 20th century yesterday!) Then proceeded in various references to Me, Me, Me and I, I, I, and back to Me, Me, Me and how if we only could understand He "cares" for us (I 'spose progressive fascism is good for us "lessers") and that His policies will make us better and do “right”(err…left?… this whole liberty thing is SOOO overrated, plus we are too stupid to know what's good for us!). His “plan” to help the beloved sacred suffering “middle-class” is basically “you do exactly what I say… (jump thru my hoops) and I may (...may) reward you by allowing to keep a tiny tad more of what you produce” (gee thanx! I feel it up or maybe down, my laig!).

I did agree with one point however… He is kinda right about “Climate Change”… the “Climate” more and more each day is changing to… STOP this man and his party’s idiocy before it destroys all we have! That’s hope’n change I can live with!

The amazing thing is how He squeezed it all of it into just an hour anna half... taciturn ain't he!

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