I want to order “Affordable Health Care” (but hold the Tyranny!)

If the myriad of public opinion polls are correct… most Americans by a LARGE margin, like the healthcare they are personally receiving. It ain’t so much about the doctor, that worries most of us... it's the constantly exploding costs. Even those of us with employer paid insurance worry that soon escalading prices will curtail our good deal. So in campaign 2008, when Barak Obama promised not only “affordable healthcare reform” but that we can keep health plans we like… it was a sure winner! (Keep my current great healthcare, with somebody else paying for it… what’s not to like?) People like "help" paying for their healthcare (along with too many other things!)… and be it government, employers, the “rich” it don’t matter. The Democrats know this… The BIG problem is… logical reforms such as health savings accounts backed by high-deductable “disaster plans”, with tax deductions for out-of-pocket expenses and insurance premiums…(ya know, stuff that might actually work), just don’t give enough POWER to the government… which no matter what was promised, is the REAL desire of the hyper-left Democrats now in charge in D.C… has been for years.

The 500-lb gorilla in the room that complicates all this… is many (too many) Americans (including most Democrats) love the “free” part in any government program… but have the nasty habit of disliking the “government control” part. When the reality was reveled of what was actually meant by “reform” (very reluctantly by the way) in the bills offered in the House and Senate… it hit home! The threat of rationing, control of behaviors, like smoking, various no-no diets and proposed taxes on EVERYTHING (not just the “rich”)... it ALL started to come into focus! The folks (even many who voted Democrat) began to suspect “affordable healthcare” was to be extremely expensive… not in just money, but worse… in FREEDOM! Also, the deep recession and high unemployment re-focused Americans on the economy, and healthcare slipped on the “concern scale”. Surprisingly, other than some mild platitudes and vacuous rhetoric on the economy, President Obama doesn’t seem to care (he HAS a job)! Now… the heavy-handed tactics of Obama and the Democrat leadership are on vivid display… (in spite of the best efforts of most of the media to cover-up the “sausage”). President Obama and the Democrats have been in total control for a year now… and on the major issues, from war to healthcare and especially the economy, they at best seem clueless, at worst (which I suspect?) tyrant wannabes! Maybe(?) even amongst the bluest liberal voters (OMG! Even in Massachusetts yesterday!!!)… some are starting to “do the math”… and as a result Obama’s “math” (like approval polls) is sinking fast!

All American politicians, be they Jackass or Pachyderm should never forget!!! Whatever the political bent of the American citizen, we REFUSE to be anything but prosperous, and REFUSE to be anything but free… just far too many of us want someone else to pay for it. So as some in the GOP celebrate the victory of Scott Brown in the Bay State Senate race, don’t think all of Obama’s agenda has been rejected... wounded yes, rejected??? Only in part… I caution, one must always be mindful of the universal truth: “As long as larceny lives in the heart of humankind… there will be liberals”!

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