Lesson for POTUS Obama! Ronald Reagan was a TRUE "Bipartisan"!

As our great beloved supreme leader President Barack Obama, prepares his State of the Union Speech… he won't be we should pause (IMHO), and recall GREATNESS … and be reminded of the true meaning of “bipartisan”! I pray everyday for President Obama… that he soon will have a “Damascus Road” experience with the spirit of the great one… “Renuldus Maximus” (Kinda like 42nd President Bill “What’s bigger, my ego or my libido” Clinton, who after the kerplunk ’94 mid-terms, tacked center-right with success). Lord, I tried!... many times since Obama’s election, I have screamed advice at my TV… ” Mr. President, talk like Karl Marx if you must… but govern like Reagan, and (in spite of Rush Limbaugh) you will succeed”! Dunno why(???), but he’s missed my sincere advice somehow so far!

40th President Ronald “Renuldus Maximus” Reagan was the last TRUE bipartisan president! Upon taking office in 1981 (faced with similar economic circumstances as today), he told House Speaker and Uber-Liberal Tip O’Neil and the Democrats… “Go along with my plan, and you can also share credit for the success!” For this, of course the DemWit Leftnoids and media HATED him!!! But it didn’t matter, the PEOPLE (including the “Reagan Democrats”) LOVED him! His market-based policies and tax cuts boomed the economy for two decades! His winning 49 states (in 1984), is (IMHO) the very definition of “bipartisan” (Note: ole Mondull won his own state, Minnesota by less than 4,000 votes, barely preventing a 50-state sweep!). Reagan knew… instead of compromising your core beliefs, you convince the folks your way is better! (Obama has yet to “succeed” at this!) No one did this better than the great Renuldas! But SADLY (how was this lesson lost to GOP?), the recent GOP’s “core beliefs” have just been “LibLight”. Brings back the great question of our times... What in Washington DC (water, air, money?) robs Democrats of their minds... and Republicans of their spines???

As to the joke of the Obama’s administration’s (alleged) “War on Terror” (aka: International Contingency Plan?)... unlike many, I have always thought the so-called (lib-named) "infamous Iran-Contra scandal" was the great Renaldus Maximus' greatest foreign policy success! (WHY?)… He succeeded in getting our two biggest enemies in the Mideast Iran/Iraq to fight EACH OTHER for eight long bloody years! His administration sold arms and gave aide to whichever side was losing at the moment... then used the proceed$ to help fight the Commies in Central America...all while being the "amiable dunce" BRILLIANT!!!! Oh... you could FEEL the hate dripping from the Democrats and the LEFT media as Reagan de-constructed their “sacred” Marxist (evil) Empires! Congressional Democrats, eager to discredit (and possibly impeach?), Reagan called hearings on the “outrage” of Iran-Contra. All looked SOOOO good until Lt. Col. Oliver North handed them their collective (they do loved that term – “Collective”) asses, during his televised 1987 testimony… (T’was a thing of beauty Ollie!)

Remember... to finance their war machines Iran/Iraq had to pump a lotta oil... prices fell where gas was around 75-80 cents a gallon! AND (except for disastrous ill-advised State Department inspired Beirut fiasco)… they were so busy hating and slaughtering each other (for Allah, BTW) they pretty much left us alone for dang near a decade!!!

Note: IMHO had Reagan not listened to his State Department, I don’t think the Marine Barracks bombing, one of his few failures woulda happened… I admit speculating, but we know the State Department (then & now) is full of leftie-weenies!

The Islamo-Nuts that infect our world are gonna hate and murder somebody… Reagan understood this! He and his administration worked, and succeeded in encouraging 'em kill EACH OTHER (in LARGE numbers!)… sending lotsa of potential suicide/homicide bombers to Allah! I imagine it musta caused a REAL strain (and possible shortage?) of virgins in Islamo-Paradise!

Sweet memories as they are, we must return to 2010. Bummerly, (a RNB word)... I suspect President Obama will only offer tepid (BEE-ESSIE) proposals in his upcoming State of the Union “show”. I figure his disdain for all things Good’n Godly, and core American values such as freedom, self-reliance, market solutions (ya know Reagan stuff… things that might actually work!) is SO INGRAINED, that he and his fellow “Progressives” (how Orwellian a word) cannot overcome it! So... in spite of his obvious failure to implement (and the people's rejection of), his hyper-left agenda in his first year, and in the midst of continuing economic morass... he'll most likely offer us only more empty platitudes, condescension and “happy leftist nitwittery talk" (the one thing he has succeeded at). Can November get here quick enough?!?!?

Hmmmm… I think I’ll watch HGTV or FOOD Channel Wednesday night.

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