$40,000 and counting!

As President Obama submits his 2011 budget to Congress... $3.83 TRILLION!!!!! ($3,830,000,000,000)... (a third of which is deficit)… I can discern from my calculations the MOST expensive commodity in the universe is a single U.S. vote!

Q: Why? (Jusferfun)… If 3,000 years ago you lived in Egypt and went into the pyramid business and you were a HORRIBLE businessperson and lost $100 a SECOND ($8.64 million a day)… for these last 3,000 years… how many more years from today would it take to lose the current U.S, national debt of $12.3 Trillion, assuming it stopped growing today?

A : If we add no more to the debt ((Currently approximately $3.8 BILLION is added daily)… our pyramid business would take 895 more YEARS to lose $12.3 Trillion ($12,292,968,100 as of 10:50 AM, 2-2-2010)… so we’d be done in the year 2905… (except in the time it took to write this an additional $20,000,000 or so was added!) Whew... it has cost YOU, your kids (and me) as of now... about $40,000, for your friendly Washington D.C. politician to "buy" enough votes to stay in office, live like royalty and tell you... "we" must all "sacrifice"!

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