34 "Blue Dog" No votes... We Better Vote ‘Em out Anyway, Just to be Safe!

There are news reports that Speaker Pelosi and Democrat leadership are fiercely angry with Representative Mike McMahon (D-NY) and the 34 other alleged “moderate” Democrats for their NO votes on the Heathcare monster. It’s being reported he and others who defied leadership's “arm twisting” have been threatened with little or no help in their re-election efforts. If you believe this I have a bridge in Brooklyn and one hellova fine health insurance plan to sell you! Folks DON’T BUY IT... it’s as truthful as President Obama’s deficit cutting efforts! Believe me! It's all a ruse, a 'headfake'. There are NO moderate DemWits left (or should I say they're ALL LEFT!) This is PURE political theater, this pretending to be mad about his NO vote! We know this is true... "He's going to lose in November, and I'm going to enjoy helping make it happen," a big bad union boss said, as quoted in a report by The NY Daily News (3/23). Also according to the News, Democratic State Committee Chairman Jay Jacobs agreed McMahon has dug himself a "deep hole". I say BullStuff! By "lose in November" we know there’s no primary challenger, so what do they want... a Republican??? GIMME A BREAK!!! They're just trying to protect vunerable members in swing or conservative leaning districts. Had Rep. McMahon or any of the other Dem “NOs” votes been needed, they woulda ALL folded like a cheap “Stupak”!!!! So if you are in a district "represented" (quotes on purpose) by a moderate or alleged "Blue Dog"... don’t buy the lies! I advise come November, you vote 'em out anyway... just to be safe! List below:

"Brave" Democrat NO votes on Healthcare bill
Rep. Artur Davis (Ala.)
Rep. Lincoln Davis (Tenn.)
Rep. Chet Edwards (Texas)
Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (S.D.)
Rep. Tim Holden (Pa.)
Rep. Larry Kissell (N.C.)
Rep. Frank Kratovil (Md.)
Rep. Dan Lipinski (Ill.)
Rep. Stephen Lynch (Mass.)
Rep. Jim Marshall (Ga.)
Rep. Jim Matheson (Utah)
Rep. Mike McIntyre (N.C.)
Rep. Mike McMahon (N.Y.)
Rep. Charlie Melancon (La.)
Rep. Walt Minnick (Idaho)
Rep. Glenn Nye (Va.)
Rep. Collin Peterson (Minn.)
Rep. Mike Ross (Ark.)
Rep. Heath Shuler (N.C.)
Rep. Ike Skelton (Mo.)
Rep. Zack Space (Ohio)
Rep. John Tanner (Tenn.)
Rep. Gene Taylor (Miss.)
Rep. Harry Teague (N.M.)
Rep. John Adler (N.J.)
Rep. Jason Altmire (Pa.)
Rep. Michael Arcuri (N.Y.)
Rep. John Barrow (Ga.)
Rep. Marion Berry (Ark.)
Rep. Dan Boren (Okla.)
Rep. Rick Boucher (Va.)
Rep. Bobby Bright (Ala.)
Rep. Ben Chandler (Ky.)

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