Healthcare summit revisited... The Clueless, the Cluelesser and Moby Dick!

Our president Barak H. Obama has reached full MOBY DICK mode in his healthcare pursuit! Like captain Ahab in Melville's classic, he has become so obsessed with the White Whale (err... elephant?) of "Healthcare Reform" that he will sacrifice all to achieve his "progressive" dream of socialized medicine! He is prepared to turn (alleged) moderate “Blue Dogs” into political suicide bombers...and risk destroying his party and his presidency...(and worst yet, the country)! Note to Blue Dogs: if you follow your "Imam" in his "fatwa" of "Healthcare Reform" you DESERVE your destruction! The term "Blue Dog Democrat" will forever become a CURSE on the lips of the American people!!!

Having said that, I hafta admit it was hard to watch President Obama’s health "summit" (But I made myself!). Funny thing, I only found it boring when president Obama and the Dems were talking (sob stories cubed!)... the GOP stuff I found engaging and interesting, and IMHO extremely damaging to the President’s cause. It occurred to me an hour or so in to the ordeal, that the Democrats were deliberately being boring as to discourage most Americans from watching. The GOP cleaned their clocks and ate their lunch! Being unbearably boring... now that’s a strategy for you!!! President Obama and his Dems comrades appear to be clueless that the jig's up! Most all their agenda is unraveling from this healthcare debacle to climate change and especially the economy... don’t they know we're on to 'em? Of all the DemWit nitwittery, and mega sob stories on display, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) was the most pathetic, with his odd lost in the wilderness rambling about "segregation". The Senate bill which he champions, has so many special backroom deals cut for unions, lawyers and other Democrat pet constituencies that I feel "segregated" big time!!!...from the goodies I don’t get, but have to pay for! (they get the gold mine, I get the shaft!... to paraphrase the late Jerry Reed)!!! It's common knowlage Pres. Obama and the Democrat party are much obligated to Andrew Stern president and chief thug of the large Service Workers International Union (SEIU), as well as to most other big labor unions. Why do they seriously want this "reform"? Other then just being nitwit socialists in love with totalitarian power, I speculate the special deals for union members exempting taxes on "Caddilac" health plans could serve as a "backdoor card check", forcing folks into unions to avoid punitive taxes on their plans. (Hmmm... BUT will the union dues be cheaper than the taxes? Maybe a little at first???).

It takes me back yet again to my oft repeated "Ponzi'” scam conclusions (1). Bottom line, I saw yet again a President and party in full "Chicago" bully mode... only this time they were challenged, something they do not know how to deal with... so play the BORING card and run out the clock!

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