"Religion of Pieces" Marxism and Tyranny of a Feather?

The formerly "edgy" Comedy Channel has gone coward and censored an episode of “South Park” that depicts and lampoons the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Such is the result of death threats from radical Muslims. Radical Islam the “Religion of Pieces” has intimidated most of the (il)liberal western world. Western media who would blow a gasket if any other faith made such a threat (i.e. thunders against "violent" TEA Partiers), but meekly and dutifully reports in their defacto role as "mouthpiece" of Islamists. President Obama and our government is very timid in its treatment of Iran and other totalitarian Islamic regimes. Makes me wonder… if in fact… has the (alleged west hating) and once great Muslim faith been compromised by western Marxist thought? Bottom line (oh could it be?) … is modern Islamo-terror is just a repackaged warmed-over Marxism? Has the “religion of pieces” become the international “enforcer” of all ideologies of the left? Or maybe they are just fellow travelers... brothers in tyranny. Sidescript: "Brothers" is used here as women have such low status in Islam... the only place it's tolerated by western Leftists, who "care" so much (in all other cases) for the "rights" of women... if ya don't believe me, ask Franklin Graham!

If ya pay attention… note most ALL modern Islamo-terrorists (especially the leaders) have been western educated. They come to the west to get "education", attend our “fine” God, capitalism and liberty HATING universities… and hear rants from the resident Commie professor how terrible America and the west are! That infused with their backward culture and leaders skilled at turning despair into rage… is a sure-fire formula that morphs into mass murder!

Terror has always been a tool of the modern Leftist (Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Castro, Mao and Pol Pot to name a few) ... Pause a moment and recall such past “revolutionary freedom fighters” as the Europe based Baader-Meinhof Gang, Revolutionäre Zellen (RZ) and Red Army Faction. All proudly proclaimed and violently advanced their Marxist ideology. Remember in July 1976, these western Communist terrorists allied with the Islamic Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) in the infamous hijack of Air France flight 139 to Entebbe, Uganda.

Mass murder for terror was perfected in the leftist totalitarian ideologies of Communism, Fascism and Nazism that sadly "infected" much of the 20th century! Islamo-terroism takes the worst from these aforementioned “isms” and wraps it in a thin but compatible veneer of Islam.

Look now at the Obama administration… Why do they oh so reluctantly fight the war against the Islamists (they don't even want to call it a war)? I speculate this could be because, deep down in their corrupt little (il)liberal hearts they kinda admire these Islamo “revolutionaries”… why else when put on “trial” would they want to grant them full American citizen rights???!!! Do the math! It only “adds up” when you realize they appear to have a bizarre twisted kinship… and are in many aspects fellow travelers or "Birds of a Feather" in tyranny (Marx)!!! IMHO!

I been wanting to call Rush Limbaugh and ask him 'bout all this... among many other topics..but alas getting through is sorta like winning the lottery. Such is my lament!
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