When No one is Allowed (or are to BIG) to fail.. Tyranny Germinates!

When no one is allowed to be LOST, when no one is allowed to (or are “to big to”) FAIL, then NO one is allowed to be FREE... freedom's and prosperity's seeds are sown in the OVERCOMING of loss and failure... such is the wisdom of our LORD and the folly of our politicians! They self righteously (do they think we don’t notice?) claim they "do it FOR the 'people'” but in their (at best) folly and (at worst) hostility to the “common folks” they sow the thorns of TYRANNY… AND, whether it be through foolishness or (good?)intention the results are the same!

The above... a compilation of the wise from our founders to the great minds of our time: C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, my dad …others who have inspired me... and wisdom gleaned from my study of the Holy Scriptures!

Also, as I learn Greece and our states of California, New Jersey, Illinois and many others, be it state, county or national entities, most all governed by those of the "Progressive" ideology... on the verge of bankruptcy (financial "death" as it were)… I recall watching a nature program on TV (don't remember if it was Animal Planet or PBS)... but in the program was a heart wrenching scene of a baby water buffalo standing forlornly by and attempting to suckle its dead mother... sadly soon doomed to die itself, for it knows no other options for survival!

When I hear and see on the news, people in Greece, California, Illinois, now students in New Jersey demanding, of the verge of riot.. to continue to "suckle" their financially "dead" governments... I think of the baby buffalo, totally dependent upon its mother! Like that pitiful doomed baby, these people know no other way to survive, but at the "teat of mother government"! So... as a tip of the hat to our compassionate (with OPM) "Progressives", I shall respect their passion for recycling, and embed a required reading link by the great thinker C.S. Lewis, written in 1958, but it could have been today!
"Is Progess Possible".

God Bless all... pray for America and the peace of Jerusalem! Shalom!

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