NEVER Make a Political Party... Your "Team"!

Today politically we have a Left (GOP) and Left-er (DEM) dialog. Very little Right is involved (IMHO). Governments by nature lean left... as there is a constant temptation to concentrate, centralize and expand power. The founders understood this... but our Constitution will only hold if WE THE PEOPLE defend it. That’s why both parties use any and all efforts to divide.

Race, sex, class, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation… anything to take minds off you’re getting hosed! Control us “lessers”, and keep them fighting with each other so we don’t notice we’re being played for suckers. I figure the “liberal” loves their family as much as I love mine… so who’s divided? The divisions are carefully cultivated.

So I advocate you NEVER make a political party your “team” (like Yankees/Red Sox, etc.). If and when “they” win it feels good for awhile as you bask in a reflected glory… BUT they really don’t have your welfare in mind. In fact it can be VERY expensive to "serve" your “team” (high price of tickets, stadium food/drinks, team paraphernalia and such).

But, your team cannot force you to financially support them… when your “team” is a political party they CAN when they take power. They can tax, regulate and attack ALL! (Think of Yankee fans forced to financially support the Red Sox?). So unlike your fave sports team, you better play close attention to your (so-called) representatives and understand what’s going on… are they really serving your interest? I never get too excited when “my side” wins… because they usually let me down, and they really DON’T have my best interest at heart. Only a coupla times have I ever allowed a political sign in my yard… once a favor for my neighbor (a lib) running for local office… (didn’t vote for him… but don’t tell!), and recently to a co-worker running for city office (may vote for him).

Candidates and their handlers understand the TEAM thing (aka “bandwagon”) and often sell themselves like a sports team (don’t we often place our desires on our local athletic heroes?). The Obama campaign with its media cheerleaders, allowed all to “remake” Obama in their “image” (from he’s gonna “cut” my taxes and punish the evil “rich”… to “He’s gonna buy me a new car!”). The reality was carefully hidden from us all… like the always “wait to next year” hopes, folks were encouraged to replace the figure of Barack Obama with their own desires.

I have never been to a candidate rally… (sadly, I usually vote AGAINST not FOR)… however, I have recently enthusiastically attended a coupla TEA Party events, and may support candidates with similar philosophies. But I be paying attention when they reach office! Something (????) once office is gained seems to rob Democrats of their minds and Republicans of their spines… GO FIGURE???

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